Piya Rangrezz 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Arjun wakes up in the morning and searches his mobile thinking Aradhya must have sent message. He does not find his mobile. Tilakraj’s servant finds mobile in Aradhya’s room and thinks it mus be badi malkin’s/Tilakraj’s sister.

Tilakraj reads news paper with great difficulty and jokes with his sister that English is a funny language. Servant gives mobile to sister and says she found it in Aradhya’s room. Sister checks mobile and says Tilakraj this is neither their phones and servants are not that rich to buy costly mobile. Tilakraj says servants must have stolen it. Sister checks call log with Aji bua, Munna daadu, Shamsher, Aradhya’s names and then her sent love SMSes and says it is Arjun’s phone and he came here breaking security barrier.

Tilakraj takes mobile and smirks.

Munmun reads news paper in front of Aji amma and Munna. Aji amma gets calls from Arjun’s mobile and picks call. Tilakraj speaks and asks how is she feeling today. She asks where is Arjun. Tilakraj asks stop acting as surprised and asks why did she send Arjun to his home yesterday. Bhavri says her men are enough to kill her, she will not send Arjun to spit on him. Tilakraj taunts that she should not sit on fire, she will burn.

Bhavri shouts Arjun…..Arjun and Shamsher come. Bhavri asks Arjun where is his phone. He says he went to his friend’s home yesterday and left his phone there. She asks Tilakraj’s laundiya/daughter is his friend and asks why did he go there. Munmun says sursuri/Aradhya was sending love SMSes and he must have gone to meet her. Bhavri shouts this all happened under her nose and she did not even know about it. She asks Arjun he broke his promise and Aradhya is important to him than her. He says there is nothing like that. She asks why did he go there then. Shamsher gets tensed and keeps his hand on mama’s shoulder. Munmun says he must have got susuri’s SMS and must have gone there to meet him. Bhavri shouts to stop and asks Arjun to speak.

Arjun says yesterday night he was sleeping and..Shamsher says Arjun came to save him as he had gone there to teach laundiya a lesson and got stuck in a room. He called Arjun for help and he came there to free him. Bhavri says she thought he is intelligent, but she is wrong, now she will handle this issue. She orders mama to get car out.

Mama drivers car. Bhavri loads gun. Mama asks why is she loading gun, situation is under their control. She orders to ride car silently.

Aradhya’s friend asks her if Arjun climbed pipe and came to her room at midnight to tell he is not bad. Aradhya says yes. Friend says that means he loves her. She says they are just friends. Friend says she should not forget that he is Bhavri’s grandson. Aradhya laughs and says she cannot forget it even under anesthesia.

Aradhya reaches her her cabin and sees Bhavri pointing gun on her. She tries to escape, but mama comes and locks door. Nurse informs friend that Aradhya’s life is in danger. Bhavri warns Aradhya not to play with life. Aradhya says she does not understand what she is telling. Bhavri asks why did she trap Arjun and planning to marry him. She is a hostage and is thinking of become owner of her house. Aradhya says she did not trap anyone. Bhavri says if she tries to play around, she will shoot her.

Friend calls Tilakraj and informs that Aradhya’s life is in danger. Bhavri warns Aradhya not to meet or message Arjun. Aradhya says Arjun came to her room yesterday night when she did not call him. She would have called security, but did not as she does not bloodshed and says she should control her grandson. Bhavri says she knows what to do with her grandson and she should be in her limits.

Bhavri comes out and shouts that she will blow off laundiya’s head. Mama says what is the use when our coin is fake. Bhavri says Arjun is not fake coin, she is his dear one. She turns and sees Tilakraj pointing gun with his body guards.

Precap: Shamsher jokes with Arjun that aji amma will kill Aradhya now and laughs. Arjun shouts to stop joking as Aji amma and mama are in Tilakraj’s hospital and anything can happen. Shamsher gets a call and gets tensed.

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