Piya Rangrezz 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Vikas with Mama and Sumer follows Sher and stops car seeing him near bridge. He asks if Shraddha is found. Sher says he is searching her since a long time and did not find her. Sumer says not to get disheartened as he is their hope. Sher orders his men to search Chanda in surrounding village and find out where she took Shraddha.

Chanda points gun at Shraddha. Bhavri shouts to shoot her first. Chanda says she is getting irritated and will shoot her for real. She knows she is not afraid of death, so she will not shoot her, but bullet does not know whom it is shooting. She then says she got some important work, till she comes back, they can try to free themselves. She leaves. Bhavri apologizes Shraddha for thinking her wrong. Shraddha cries and says not to tell that. Bhavri

says she brought Chanda and destroyed everything. She will change everything now, nobody can separate Sher from Shraddha and Chanda will not win, it is her promise.

Vikas gives guns to servants and asks them to sit in car. Chanda comes there. Everyone point gun on her. She laughs. Sumer asks where is Shraddha . Vikas says he will kill her. Chanda calls him lallu lal and asks if he does not remember how she alleged him in rape case and he was beaten like a dog. It is waste talking to him as she came to meet Sher. Sher from balcony orders to let her in. Chanda enters home and Sher strangulates her neck and asks where is Shraddh and amma. Chanda says she loves getting killed by him. Mama asks to leave her as Bhavri and Shraddha are with her. Sumer says mamaji is right. Sher leaves her.

Chanda asks if he cannot see her love for him and says she does not need anything except his love. Sher says he can see what she is doing, she tried to kill his amma and Shraddha and her child and is a betrayer. She shouts she is not a betrayer, she came to see if he is fine. She says he and ammaji brought her in their lives, she did not want to become part of this game at all, now he is trying to get rid of her. He says when he married her, he did not know Shraddha is pregnant. She says she wants his love and if he agrees, she will free Bhavri and Shraddha. Sher says she is really mad and asks if she thinks he will accept her after all this, he will die rather.

She should tell now at any cost where are amma and Shraddha. She says if she does not reach there in 6 hours, bomb will explode. If she has to stop bomb, she has to go back. She asks if he will not stop her. He pushes her and says he will kill her. Mama stops him and says they cannot kill her before they free jiji and bahuriya. Chanda gets up and says they forgot about Shraddha’s child, she will love it once it comes in this world. Sher pulls her hair. She says he can pull her hair more tightly as she loves his touch, but will not open her mouth. If she does not go back in 6 hours, he knows what will happen. Sher leaves her. She says if he remembers 7 vows he took during pheras, he should follow them.

She sits on Bhavri’s swinger and says she will rule this house and he can build another haveli for ammaji. She will give him 5 hours to think as she needs 1 hour to go to hideout and diffuse bomb. Sher leaves with mama and others. She orders Gajra to bring her food as she did not eat properly in this drama and not try to mix anything, else she will lose Shraddha. She asks Sunehri to press her legs as she is tired. Sunehri angrily presses her legs.

Mama asks Sher to accept Chanda’s demands. Sher asks if he has gone mad, he will die than accepting Chanda. His brain is blank now and they should find a solution.

Precap: Chanda asks Sher if he will accept her demands or let ammaji, Shraddha, and his unborn child die. Sher says he accepts her demands.

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  1. I like both sher and shradda then shardda dont no about her pregnancy before he got married with chanda

  2. oh ho………es chanda ko ……..Mar ne ki maan karraha hai……….

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