Piya Rangrezz 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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A child throws stone on Shamsher and Shamsher’s guards catch him. Shamsher orders them to leave child. Aradhya says this child has lost his father and now will lose mother because of him, even he is orphan and should know how it feels. Child’s mom needs treatment and he should allow it. He stands silently. She says she was fool to expect change in him, he can do whateer he likes and should be ready to face her. He can try his best but she will protect this village even risking her life. She goes and asks guard to give her key. Guard asks not to force him as he has order of shooting whoever interferes. Aradhya says he can kill her but she will not back off. he points gun. Shamsher scolds him to lower gun and gives car keys to Aradhya. adhya takes lady to hospital and then

to ICU. Child cries that he wants to meet mummy. Aradhya consoles him and sends with sarpanch.

Shamsher drinks alcohol at home and reminisces child throwing stone on him and Aradhya yelling that he is a beast. Munna comes and asks why is he drinking during day time. Shamsher says he shot many people and did not repent as they were all enemies and asks if he shot anyone without reason. Mama says no. Shamsher says everything think that he killed Yogesh and lawyer. He is feeling guilty today, aji amma should not have killed Yogesh, he has small child and aji amma made child orphan, aji amma should not have done this. Munna says he is telling right, if jiji would have know he would be dragged in, she would not have murdered Yogesh, now a days jiji is thinking only of herself, she should not have killed Yogesh for business and should not have done this. He thinks he is feeling good hearing Shamsher talking against jiji and soon he will make shamsher against jiji.

Bhavri’s goons praise her that with her plan, whole village is afraid of her and now she can open her liquor factory in Sulem sarai. Bhavri gives them money for killing Yogesh and lawyer and says if they are caught by police, she will disown them. One of them says people are doubting Shamsher for this murder. She says they don’t have proof against Shamsher. Aradhya hears their conversation hiding.

Aradhya goes back to her room and reminisces what she saw just now, alleging Shamsher for yogesh and lawyer’s murder and feels guilty. She thinks she should have verified first and should apologize Shamsher. Shamsher enters inebriated with wobbly gait. She holds him. He pushes her and warns not to come near him. He falls on bed and falls asleep. She falls on him and feels an emotional bonding. She looks at him for sometime and then removes his shoes and dorns bedsheet on him. She reminisces him taking her side and protecting her. She thinks he scolds her everytime and when she alleged him, he did not utter anything.

Shamsher goes to Yogesh’s wife’s room. Lady pleads him not to harm her child. He says came to give her another land as she has child, she can go there and stay there and do farming. He turns and sees Aradhya standing. Aradhya says he is doing injustice by giving land to only 1 person. He asks her to control her tongue. She says when his heart has melted, he should help whole village as only he can stand against aji ammi. He asks her to shut up now. Lady cries looking at him. He asks her to stop crying, else he will take back land. Aradhya asks why is he breaking villager’s unity. He says let her decide and asks if she wants land or not. She says yes to upbring her child.

Munmun comes to hospital to get medicine and sees Shamsher going out of room, thinks what is going on. Aradhya tries to convince lady to not accept Shamsher’s offer. Lady says she has to upbring her child and is ready to become selfish. She thanks Shamsher for helping her. Munmun hears their convesation and smirks.

Precap: Lady thanks Bhavri for giving her land in exchange. Bhavri fumes in anger.

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