Piya Rangrezz 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri asks Shraddha to shoot whoever comes in front of her. Aditya reaches spot starts searching Bhavri. Sher reaches home and Sumer says bhaiyaji…bhaiyaji…Sher asks him to speak up and asks where is Shraddha. Sumer tells him how Bhavri forced Shraddha to shoot at dummy and then asked to shoot at someone tonight. Sher asks why did not he stop Shraddha. Sumer says he tried to exchange bulllets with fake ones, but found fake bullets outside Bhavri’sad room. Sher says he does not want Shraddha to be part oati. Shf their world and asks where did bhavri take her. Sumer says kali ghat. Sher rushes towards kali ghati on his jeep.

Bhavri shows Aditya to Shraddha and asks her to shoot. Shraddha hesitates. Bhavri says she knew she was making a drama of entering her world,

but she is more intelligent than her. She fixes silencer on gun and orders to shoot. Shraddha reminisces Sumer asking to shoot fake bullet in air so that man runs. Bhavri forces her to shoot Aditya and Shraddha shoots. Bhavri asks if she thought she would change bullets and she would not know. She then calls driver and asks to bring car. She hears She’s voice calling amma and when car’s lights fall on Sher, she is shocked to see he is shot instead.

Aditya reaches back Bhavri’s home. Mama thinks him as ghost and gets afraid and asks what did he do that wants to kill him. Aditya asks where is Bhavri, she called him to come to kali ghati but did not turn up. Mama realizes that Aditya is alive.

Shraddha sees Sher falling on ground and runs towards him. Sher falls from cliff. Bhavri also shouts Sher’s name. Mama reaches with aditya and Sumer and meets Bhavri. Bhavri says Sher fell from cliff and asks to find him. Everyone start searching Sher, but he is not found. Bhavri shouts that she needs her lalla. Mama says their men are searching him. Her men gives her chair to sit. She shouts to find Sher soon. Men comes back and say they searched whole jungle, but did not find Sher. Shraddha starts crying and says because of her, this happened. She gets unconscious and falls down. Sumer runs towards her and tries to wake her up. Bhavri also cries reminiscing forcing Shraddha to shoot Sher and he falling from cliff.

Bhavri asks Aditya to get out from her eyesight silently. Aditya says he cannot believe she tried to kill him and gave a good reward for his love. He continues that a mom who used to love her son so much shot her son and threw from cliff. Bhavri shouts that nothing will happen to her lalla and says her lalla took his bullet. Aditya hopes Sher is fine, else she will not forgive herself. Same words echo in Bhavri’s ears.

Precap: Bhavri with mama and Shraddha reaches a house and asks them to find Sher. Shraddha hears bomb timer sound and panics.

Update Credit to: MA

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