Piya Rangrezz 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri tells Shradha that she can tell Sher about her double game, he will either believe her or will not, but in both cases, he will come back to his amma. Shraddha says she knows she will not tell it to Sher as she cannot see Sher shattered seeing his amma’s true colors and she will not let him shatter. Bhavri angrily leaves from there. Shraddha then emotionally looks at sleeping Sher, removes his shoes, dorn blanket on him, switches off light, remembers his order to keep one light on always and leaves keeping 1 light on.

In the morning, Bhavri enjoys tea with maama. Sher comes home sadly. Shraddha walks near him. He looks at her sadly. Maama says rani was the main culprit and police arrested her. Sher silently walks into his room. Maama tells Bhavri that Sher is repenting his

mistake and he will explain him that any mistake done for his amma is not a mistake. Bhavri says she will speak to him. She looks at Shraddha and tells everyone that there is no need to look sad in front of Sher and she does not Sher to feel guilty seeing them.

Bhavri enters Sher’s room. Sher asks her to leave him alone for some time. She says she is his amma and tries t console him, but he asks her to leave him alone. She walks out smirking and he shuts door.

Shraddha engrasped in tought tries to prepare food in empty kadai. Sunehri reminds her that kadai is empty. Shraddha says she will prepare food in a few minutes. Sunehri says she will help her. Shraddha says she will. Gajra comes back from Sher’s room with tea and says he did not open door. Shraddha says she will give him tea. Sunehri asks him not to go near thakurji as he must be in deep pain. Shraddha agrees and Sunehri leaves with tea.

Bhavri reminisces Sher’s words to leave him alone and get out of his room. Maama asks her not to pay heed to bhajaji’s words as she deeply hurt. He asks if Shraddha told him about her double plan. Bhavri says she is not that courageous to speak. Maama says then there is no need to worry.

Sher brings his goons home. He sends whole family into a room and locks door. Shraddha asks what is he going to do. He looks at her sadly and walks towards goons. He throws money on them and asks them to beat him and not stop even if he asks. They start beating him with sticks. Shraddha panics seeing it. Sumer runs to Bhavri’s room and asks her to come and stop Sher. She sees Sher being beaten by goons and warns goons not to touch her lalla. Sher slaps goon and asks him to continue beating. Goon gets afraid. Sher points gun on his forehead and asks him to beat now. Goons start beating him severely. Maama asks why is he punishing himself. Shraddha pleads him to stop and Bhavri asks what happened. He says he does not want to live after whatever happened yesterday and asks goons to continue beating him. Shraddha asks him to forget everything. Sher says whatever he did was for his amma, but he made a mistake and should be punished. Shraddha continues pleading. Bhavri finally agrees that she did everything and it is not his mistake. He smiles and asks goons to stop.

Precap: Bhavri runs and tries to touch injured Sher, but he pushes her. Shraddha hugs him instead and he allows. Bhavri gets jealous.

Update Credit to: MA

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  4. Aww precap is super ! Now their love story will start…<3 luv shadha

  5. please watch the show it is superb. i also did not watch the show and one day just watch one episode n since than madly hooked to the show

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    He is looking like a real jaat

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    I got hooked like u . Love the series. Just wish they get a better heroine.

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    Big waiting for today’s epi.

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  16. Y updates r so late.none watches it or wat.pls update fast

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