Piya Rangrezz 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Shamsher gets locked in a room and nervously murmurs that he got stuck in enemy’s house, Aji amma will not spare him now if she will now about it. He calls Arjun on his mobile. Arjun wakes up, picks call and asks why does not he come to his room instead of calling. Shamsher says he is stuck at Tilakraj’s house. Arjun asks what is he doing there. He says he came to teach Aradhya a lesson and got stuck in a room. Arjun asks to enjoy then. Shamsher asks to come and get him out, else he will tell his secret to aji amma. Arjun asks what secret. Shamsher says he read Aradhya’s love SMS and orders to come and get him out now. Arjun agrees.

Arjun reaches outside Tilakraj’s house in his car and sees guards on door. He calls Shamsher and informs guards are out.

Shamsher says he should jump wall and come in. Arjun says he does not do wrong wrong. Shamsher says he knows him 9 months more than this world and knows he can do everything and reminds him of their childhood training.

Arjun gets in via wall and hiding from guards climbs pipe. He jumps into Aradhya’s room via window. She gets up and asks who is it. He shows his face. She asks what is he doing here at this time. He asks to don’t shout and thinks bhai must be here. She asks again to tell what is he doing here. He says he climbed pipe and came in here and is very thristy and though he is enemy’s son, he needs water. She says does not believe both brothers can be so weird. He asks to give water first. She says she does not know what he is up to and gets up from bed. He tries to pick Shamsher’s knife. She turns. He says cold water. She leaves. He picks knife and calls Shamsher. He says he is in next room. Arjun says he will come in 2 min.

Arjun goes to Tilakraj’s room and hears his snoring. He then goes and opens Shamsher’s room door. Shamsher comes out. Arjun says let us go. Shamsher says bye. Their nok jhok starts. They see Aradhya coming and hide in her room. Shamsher says let us hide. Arjun says he was yelling, so he should escape. Shamsher jumps from window. Aradhya enters and gives water to Arjun. Arjun thanks her. She asks why did he come. He says Shamsher tarnished his character and he is opposite to his words, he does not think he speaks to any girls except his sisters and her. She says whatever it is. He says it is up to her to believe him or not. Shamsher listens to their conversation hanging on window.

Arjun says Aradhya he likes and loves her, then says he likes her company. She says she hardly knows him and heard bad about him. He asks to look into his eyes and tell if she does not trust him. She says she trusts him as he helped her in her bad times and took care of her in home jail, she is thankful to him. Shamsher is shocked and falls down from window. Aradhya hears voice and asks what is it. He stops her and asks when he is good, then how did he become villain. She says his aji amma told he is casanova and even Shamsher told same. He says they lied and she knows he is not casanova, he just needs one chance to be his friend. If he fails, she can shoot him and says he promises that he does not need liquor contract. She smiles and extends hands. He shakes hands. She asks not to break his trust. He says never and says he will go now and tries to leave from window thanking for their friendship. She says she will distract guards’ attention and he can go from door. He thanks her. She goes out. He peeps from window and taunts Shamsher.

Aradhya sends guards away from main door. Arjun leaves saying bye. Guards come and says nobody is there. She says it was her mistake.

After reaching near cars, Shamsher kicks Arjun. Arjun asks why did he kick him. Shamsher taunts him friendship…Arjun says he will tell aji amma why did he come here. Shamsher says his debt is cleared now and now he will not let him near enemy’s daughter. Arjun says if he tries to harm his friend, he will have to think many times. Shamsher says let us see and leaves in car. Arjun thinks whole world is against his and Aradhya’s friendship, but he will follow their friendship.

Precap: Bhavri loads gun while traveling in car. Aradhya enters her clinic and sees Bhavri point gun at her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I love this episode
    The chemistry of two brothers it’s owasme
    I wish the director bring kirtida mistry for gurave s bajaj

  2. i wish the director bring kirtida mistry for gourav s bajaj

  3. aradhya is not good looking. please come back kirtida

  4. Aradhya isn’t perfect for shamshare.
    Aradhya and arjun they’re perfect but please bring kirtida mistry for gurave s bajaj .Please please please
    Director of piya rangrezz we have request for you and your team please bring kirtida mistry as co actor of gurave s bajaj

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