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She is in lockup and tries to open lockup door, but it is locked. Inspector says he cannot break lock. Bhavri calls him and asks him to switch on speaker. She gets happy sher shouting at inspector and alleging that he is a leech and eats bribe. Inspector shouts in return. Bhavri orders inspector to free Sher. Inspector frees sher, apologizes and says he was obeying Bhavi’s order. He gives his jeep keys and says he can take it. Sher takes his gun and jeep and rushes to hospital.

Sunehri sees Vikas speaking on phone and asks what is he doing instead of searching Sher and Shraddha. He gets nervous and says he is doing same. She asks then why is his hands cold. He asks her to trust him, else shoot him with gun. She believes him and apologizes.

Sher reaches hospital and

on gun point orders peon to get Shraddha admitted, else he will burn whole hospital and city. Doc comes running and rushes Shraddha to hospital. He checks her and says she incurred heavy blood loss due to delayed treatment. Sher points gun on him and says he delayed treatment and if anything happens to Shraddha, he will fill his body with bullets. Doc gets afraid. Power goes off and doc says nearby transformer work is going on.

Bhavri enjoys chess with Aditya and tells her whole day is good today and she got her son back, he will forget his loyalty and will help her in her business. Aditya praises her brains and starts his flirting. She asks him to mind his tongue. He says he cannot stop praising her beauty and asks her to look herself in mirror.

Sher looks at Shraddha gasping for air. Nurse says power supply is off and she needs 5 min to switch on backup. She goes to switch on backup, comes back and says backup is also not working. Sher rushes towards transformer and asks electrician to switch on power. Electrician says he cannot until blue wire is fixed back in transformer. Sher says he will fix it. Electrician warns him as it has 440 watts current. Sher says if his wife is dead, he will also die. He fixes wire with bare hands and gets electrocuted. Electrician hits his hand with stick and frees him and he falls on floor.

Sher reaches back to hospital limping with burnt hand and peeps into ICU where shraddha is. Doc asks what happened to his hand. He says nothing and asks about Shraddha. Doc says she is out of danger now and asks him to deposit 1 lakh rs.

Sher reaches home Gajra, Sunehri, and Sumer see his burnt hand and asks what happened to him and where was he. He stands silently. Sumer asks what happened to bridge. Sher says it fell and shraddha was on it, now she is in hospital. They are all shocked to hear that. Sher says he came to seek help from Bhavri.

Precap: Sher enters Bhavri’s room and calls her.

Update Credit to: MA

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