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Bhavri asks Shamsher to leave Aradhya and asks Aradhya to go to her room. Shamsher asks her to let him throw Aradhya. She shouts go. Aradhya leaves. Shamsher asks why did she stop him. He says news has spread about Suleb Sarai’s land grab scam and her political career is at stake. She will tackle villagers first and then laundiya. She orders him to call sarpanch of nearby villages and see what she will do. She says he is anger now and will take a wrong move, so he should go and relax.

Aradhya in her room thinks why aji amma let her stay in her room when she was winning her challenge. Bhavri comes and says she should not trouble her intelligence. She asks if she thinking why did she stop Shamshe, she wants to see her being insulted many times and enjoy. Whenever she will

try to change Shamsher, she will be slapped with slipper like today. She thought she helped villagers, but trouble them instead. They were getting compensation, but now they will be in big trouble. She spoke to sarpanchs of all villages and they will boycott Suleb Sarai’s people. She does not know whom she is challenging. Once she leaves, Munmun comes and says villaers are praising her for saving them. Aradhya says she does not know what aji amma will do now. Munmun suggests her to take Arjun’s help. Aradhya says she will not take drunkard Arjun’s help, else she will lose her mission of changing Shamsher. Arjun even shot bullet on her father.

Bhavri takes lemon water to Arjun to reduce his hangover and says alcohol spoils everything, he is going against his aji amma. He tries to speak. She says she knows what happened, he fought with Shamsher for laundiya and not Suleb Sarai people. He says he agrees that he should not interfere in her work, but he will help Aradhya if she does good work.

Aradhya gets Suleb Sarai villager’s call who informs that someone killed Yogesh and lawyer. She angrily goes to Shamsher’s room and beats him. He asks if she has gone mad. She says yes as she expected humanity from him, aji amma was right he cannot be changed, why did he kill lawyer and Yogesh, he would have killed her instead. She continues yelling at him that he is beast, ruthless. He forcefully maried her and her dad was killed, she is just fulfilling her dad’s wish. He always insulted and tortured her. She will fight for lawyer andYogesh even if he kills her. He can try to stop her now.

Bhavri tells Shamsher that Yogesh and lawyer went against her, so she killed them. It is a game of power and if he did not have killed them, people would have laughed on her. Shamsher reminisces Aradhya’s wrods that he is a sinner and will go to jail.

In the morning, villager calls her again and says Yogesh’s wife is ill and she should come thereinmmediately. Aradhya rushes to the spot immediately and consoles Yogesh’s son. She asks villager if he has something to eat. Villager says no, they work daily and earn money, even other villagers have boycotted them. She goes to bring something and comes back that she did not find anything. Lady falls unconscious. Aradhya checks her pulse and says since villagers have boycotted them, they will not get anything. She will take lady tohospital and treat her. She takes lady into her car. Goon takes car keys and says she cannot take lady to hospital. Shamsher comes in his car. Yogesh’s son picks stone and throws it on Shamsher and says he will kill him if something happens to his mom. Goons catch him, but Shasmher asks them to leave child. Aradhya says he snatched child’s innocence. Shamsher reminisces servant telling how Chanda killed whole family.

Precap: Bhavri tells Yogesh and lawyer’s murderers that she will not identify them if police catches them.

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