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Sher gives mangalsutra to Sher and she returns it saying it will protect him in his fight against Rani and he should dorn it on her neck after coming back victorious. He keeps it back in his pocket and leaves. He comes to his room and reminisces his romantic moments with Shraddha from the time he met her till present day… Paas aaye duriyaan…hamari adhuri kahani…song…plays in the background…

Shraddha weeps in her room and looks at her and Sher’s marriage picture. She comes near window to close it when she sees Bhavri walking out. She rushes out of her room when Sunehri stops her and tells Bhavri walked out. Shraddha says she saw her going and is fearful that she may kill Rani. She rushes out while Sunehri unsuccessfully tries to stop her.

Sher reaches

Rani’s house. Rani in a beautiful red sari starts getting romantic with him and says she wanted him rom the begging, but he forced him to force herself on him. He asks if this demand is very high for his amma’s life. He says he can kill her for his amma. She asks him to kill then and starts getting romantic again. He fumes. She pours alcohol in 2 glasses, gives 1 to him, and says 1 peg for her victory and his wife’s defeat. She gulps it in one go and gets dizzy. She asks him to have one more, but he pushes her hand and tries to walk with stooped gait. She holds him again and starts getting intimate. He pushes her again, but she continues getting intimate and takes him to bed. He falls asleep as soon as he falls on bed. She wiggles her fingers in his hair and gets near his mouth to kiss him.

Bhavri walks into Rani’s house and Shraddha follows her. Bhavri goes and sits on chair. Rani closes door and comes near her to pick money bag, but Bhavri stops her. Bhavri asks what about Prabal Pandey and Narendra Chauhan. Rani says as per her order, she killed them. Bhavri frees money bag. Rani picks it and says tricking her own son. Bhavri says kids now a days forget their parents after getting in love, so parents have to remind them. She praises Rani that because of her, her enemies died, Sher took over her business, and Shraddha is out of Sher’s life. She tells she has stuffed bag with 1000 rs notes and asks her to leave right now. Rani says she has only 2 needs in life, one money and second love, at least 1st got fulfilled. Bhavri says it is good she did not fall in Sher’s love. Rani says she is not mad to get her as a saas. Bhavri laughs and asks if Sher is safe. Rani says she does not want to risk her life and tries to walk out with money bag, opening door. She sees Shraddha standing in front of her and taunts that she came to watch her husband’s romance. Bhavri asks her to leave and let her handle Shraddha.

Shraddha enters and tells Bhavri that she can see fear in her eyes and says a mother who bore her child for 9 months in her womb has lost to a wife. She says she did not even think about her son’s pain for her revenge and says Sher accepted his love for her as he also loves his mom. she asks him to kill at once, but stop troubling her own son. Bhavri points gun on her forehead and says she tried to kill her many times and even tried once by trying to crush her under car, but spared her. She will not let her motherhood defeated by wife and says she has 2 options, one to tell Sher that his amma is behind all this and two is to let him believe that he sacrificed his happiness for his amma. She says in both cases Sher will come back to his amma.

Precap: Sher asks his goons to beat him if they want to go back alive. They start beating him. Shraddha pleads not to punish himself. Bhavri says she made a mistake and not him. Injured Sher smiles at her.

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