Piya Rangrezz 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Aradhya travels in auto reminiscing Arjun’s care for her. Arjun at home reminisces same. Anjali comes and says he should not have promised Aji amma. He says then what to do. She says he should break promise as Aradhya loves her. He says on message she is different and in front she is different. She says Aradhya is a doctor and will think about Shamsher’s words and definitely will be in his favor. As a girl, she knows Aradhya loves him. He smiles and asks her to go and sleep.

Tilakraj’s sister tells him that Aradhya angrily went to her room. He asks if she is fine, then they should concentrate on their target Arjun. She says Arjun sent a message again. He asks what did he write. She says Shamsher is wrong and his character is panted wrong. Tilakraj says everything

is going well. She asks what it means. He says he does not need to worry.

Shamsher at his liquor factor parties with Tilakraj’s servants and orders them to find out a way to close Tilakraj’s business.

Tilakraj’s sister goes to Aradhya’s room and asks if she is fine as she heard about her car accident. Aradhya asks how does she know. She says she knows and Shamsher did that accident, she should be careful about Bhavri’s both grandsons. Aradhya says her mother died when she was 6 and she knows her dad’s fake concern. Aunt says her dad is really concerned about her and she should be careful about Bhavri’s grandsons. Aradhya gets teary eyes and says nobody in this world loves her.

Shamsher goes to kichen to pick glass. Munmun comes and says Tilakraj’s daughter is sending Arjun love messages. He asks if she is sure. She says yes. He asks to bring Arjun’s phone. She says Arjun will kill her. He says if she does not, he will. She goes to Arjun’s room via window thinking she is stuck now. She sees Arjun sleeping and silently checks cupboard and does not find mobile. She then checks under his pillow. He turns and sleeps on her hand. She silently removes hand with mobile and thinks she has to take this risk to get truth out.

Munmun reads Aradhya’s love SMSes in front of Shamsher. Inebriated Shamsher gets angry. She says susuri/Aradhya is moving faster than toofan mail into Arjun’s heart, she will inform Aji bua/Bhavri about it. He says no need for that, he will handle it.

He gets into car and reaches Tilakraj’s house and sees guards on main door. He thinks Aradhya hates him and loves his brother, he will show who he is. He jumps backside wall and gets into house and climbs pipe hiding from guards. He sees Tilakraj sleeping in his room and thinks let him snore today, he will handle his daughter first and then him. He enters Aradhya’s room angrily but calms down seeing her beautiful dusky face, then thinks he came to teach a lesson to enemy’s daughter and will not go without that. He takes out his knife and thinks he will not get mesmerized with her beauty. He takes out tape and is about to fix it on her mouth when aunt comes calling. He hides. Aunt sees room door open, enters murmuring that it is so cold outside and she did not wear blanket. She dorns blanket and walks stepping on tape. She then starts searching it. Shamsher silently walks out and gets into another door seeing aunt. Aunt scolds servant to bring coffee for her. She then sees room door open, scolds servant to keep doors closed as it is very cold.

Precap: Shamsher gets locked in room and calls Arjun for help. Arjun reaches Tilakraj’s haveli and gets tensed seeing guards.

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  2. By seeing all the serials, I am sure Shamsher will marry Aradhya.. Like same old stories they will move on

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