Piya Rangrezz 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sher runs carrying injured Shraddha and pleads vehicles to stop, but nobody stops. He then finds pushing cart, drops Shraddha on it, and runs towards hospital.

Bhavri orders Vikas to stop Gajra, Sunehri and Sumer from reaching construction stop or hospital. She wants to perform Shraddha’s last rights. Once he leaves, she asks Aditya he will not celebrate with alcohol now.

Sher rushes Shraddha towards hospital. People instead of helping him start clicking videos on their mobiles. He rushes to hospital and pleads doctor to come and check his wife. Doc checks Shraddha and asks how did this happen. Sher says his built bridge fell and she was standing on it. Doc gets afraid and asks him to take her to another hospital. Sher asks Shraddha to be courageous. Peon asks what happened.

Sher says she came under broken bridge. Peon suggests him to bribe to get Shraddha admitted.

Aditya starts his romantic talk with Bhavri and asks to listen to him. He says she is fine the way she is and if he forces her, she will break his head. He says he is ready. Maama comes and says his informer informed that bridge is destroyed completely and even Shradha’s life is at risk. If Sher will know about it, he will kill Vikas. Bhavri says she is there to protect Vikas and asks him to continue with the plan.

Police reaches hospital. Sher pleads inspector to talk to hospital people and get Shraddha admitted. Inspector arrests him and says he is doing his duty as orders came from upside. She says his wife’s life is in danger and he will not go anywhere. Inspector orders constables to drag sher into jeep. Shraddha opens eyes, calls Sher’s name, and then falls unconscious again dropping he hand in air. Sher is shocked to see that and calls Shraddha’s name loudly. Inspector forces Sher to get into jeep, but he frees himself and runs towards Shraddha. He continuously sakes and asks her to open eyes, but she does not… Paas aaye duriyan..hamari adhuri kahani…song… plays in the background. Shraddha opens her eyes, calls Sher’s name. Sher gets happy. Inspector hits his head from behind and he falls down on floor bleeding. Constables pick and throw him in jeep and leave.

Sunehri, Vikas, Gajra, and Sumer come home from shopping and discussing their bridge is complete at last. Sunehri sees Bhavri’s goons happy and asks Vikas what happened to them. Vikas gets nervous and asks her to go her room. she asks what happend to him since morning. They hear munna speaking loudly and Sumer asks why is he so happy. Construction worker comes running and informs that bridge fell down and even thakur saheb or thakurayan are unreachable. Sunehri looks at nervous Vikas and asks her to come with him. Maama stops him and asks what happened to their bridge. He asks Sunehri to speak. Vikas takes her from there.

Aditya comes back to Bhavri’s room and says her motive was to get Sher back on track, but not killing Shraddha. She says her enemies have to die and says her plan was to blast bride, but when shraddha herself went there, it is not her mistake. If shraddha dies, Sher will come back on track. Everytime mother sacrifices, but this time daughter-in-law will. She gives example if he has to enjoy chicken legs, he should to worry about chicken’s life. He says if something happens to Shraddha, she will lose Sher forever.

Precap: Bhavri calls inspector and hears Sher misbehaving with inspector and yelling that he is most corrupt.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I appreciate that sher acted very epic! However he doesn’t show any power seems like so helpless the way he talks etc Etc he would have done something for her ….

  2. what’s this nonsense going on… their shud be something depending upon the title piya rangreg…

  3. Yaaak…baaaadddddd episode……

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