Piya Rangrezz 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Aradhya reminisces lady’s words that they are trapped because of her, they are losing land and compensation both. She also reminisces a boy crying that he does not want to leave his house. Bhavri comes with servant and asks servant to give Aradhya sweets as she won because of her. She shows Sulin sarai’s property papers and says it is in her name now. She taunts that she should have sweets for energy as she will drain trying to teach humanity to Shamsher. Aradhya says she will not feel defeat and even will fight for villae people. Bhavri forcefully stuffs laddoo in her mouth and leaves. Aradhya thinks tomorrow morning, Shamsher will forcefully vacate village, what will she do now.

In the morning, shamsher reaches village and asks villagers why did not they vacate yet.

Aradhya comes in front. He asks what new drama she has started now. Aradhya says he will not budge to low or power, so she knows what to do and asks him to go back, else she knows what to do. He asks what will she do. She calls someone and says come fast. He breaks her phone, calls his people and says come very fast. Bulldozer comes. Aradhya gets gtensed. He smiles and asks what she will do now.

Arjun is busy drinking aclohol. Servant says Sulin sarai’s people are in trouble as Shamsher has gone with bulldozer and Aradhya to save village. Arjun reminisces Munmun’s words.

Aradhya says Shamsher he is doing wrong and to stop, else. He asks what will she do. She says he should kill her first and sleeps in front of bulldozer. A lady asks villagers if they are blind that they cannot see Aradhya risking her life for them. Whole village sleeps in front of bulldozer. Shamsher gets tensed. Inebriated Arjun comes and asks Shamsher to stop all this. Shamsher asks him to go back home as he is inebriated. Arjun shouts to kill him first. Aradhya asks Arjun to leave. Guards drag Arjun to his car. Shamsher asks guards to burn village. Lawyer comes with reporters and says it is his answer for getting tortured. Shamsher says he can do whatever he can. Reporter says Shamsher he is on TV live. Shamsher says lawyer he can do whatever he can. Aradya says she called them to come fast. Lawyer calls minister and asks him to switch on TV and warns to control bahubali samsher, else he will repent. Minister calls Bhavri and asks her to control her grandson and watch him live on TV. She switches on TV and sees Shamsher shouting. She then calls Shamsher and asks to come back home as media has come.

Shamsher tells guards that he came to wrong place and says let us go back. Reporters leave sadly that they could not cover breaking news. Shamsher warns lawyer and leaves. People thank Aradhya for saving their homes. Aradhya thanks lawyer.

Shamsher returns home and apologizes Bhavri not not finishing work. Aradhya comes. He says he could not finish aji amm’s work because of her and drags her out holding her neck. Bhavri reminisces warning Aradhya that Shamsher will kick her out. She stops Shamsher and asks him to leave her.

Precap: Aradhya calls someone, acts feeling shocked, then goes and beats Samsher and says he is a beast and and she lost.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Sheeba khalil

    Bakwas drama shut piyarangrezz bad chemistry sreejita and gurav please bring kirtida mistry and out aradhya amma aur bete jodi

  2. Now piya rangrezz very interesting ???
    Waiting for next episode ? ????

  3. Sheeba khalil

    Now very boring and cheap not interesting serial don’t sherdha gangi aradhya baal hi nai sar per bilkul bangali lagti hai shut serial

  4. Sheeba khalil

    Don’t play sherdha music gangi aradhya spoil the pr due to sreejita de out pr we want kirtida mistry with gurav

  5. thank you soooo much MA for updating the episode

  6. good acting srethi.

  7. Nyz Paracap….
    I Love shamsher…

  8. Princess Ruksaar

    Eagerly waiting 4 next update….Please update quickly MA n I hope zat there will be chemistry between Shamsher and Aaradhya…???

  9. this is rubbish and is filled with foolishness

    1. I agree 100%

  10. plz updte naxt epi

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