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Bhavri sees Sher dressed in kurta dhoti for rituals and says he is looking very handsome and asks to wear neck chain. She enters her room and opens locker to take out gold chain when she sees an envelope on her bed, opens it and is shocked to see a child’s pic. Mama enters and is also shocked to see child’s pic. She shouts who brought it here. Vikas enters and asks if they saw a ghost, looks at child’s pic and asks who is this child, he does not look like sher as he used to click pics shirtless, starts drama that mama must have remarried after his mother’s death. Bhavri shouts to get out and he runs out. Mama says this pic is…She says not to talk about it until Sher’s premarriage rituals finish.

Bhavri gives gold chain to Sher and says she will

get her more chains later. She then asks pandit to start pooja. Pandit asks to give shagun to would be bride. Bhavri gives jewelry and money to Chanda and blesses her. Aditya clicks pics and asks her to smile. She forcefully gives fake smile. Pandit asks to call bride’s relative. Chanda says she does not have anyone in this world. Pandit says someone must be there, brother or sister. Bhavri says just in the morning she made Shraddha as her elder sister. Sher says amma is right and asks Shraddha to come in front and perform rituals and asks if she has gone insane hearing about her sister’s marriage with her ex-husband. He says he cannot see tears in Chanda’s eyes as she is meant for loving and not crying. Bhavri shouts to come and start ritual. Mama says Shraddha must be thinking herself as her samdhan and is shameless to stand silently and not obey her. Sher asks behave with his saali. The drama continues…

Power goes off during function. A child starts crying. Bhavri asks who is crying. Sher says someone has to crying and someone is crying and asks Sumer to check fuse. Sumer goes and sees changes fuse. Bhavri shouts at Gajra and Sunehri to bring lamp and asks Sher and Chanda to go and sit. Shraddha tries to leave. Sher stops her and asks if she is enjoying his rituals and asks why is she looking sad and says she can fool everyone but not him and he knows she still loves him and should accept her sin, else she will repent. He continues and signs chupana bhi nahi aata jatana bhi nahi aata….song.. and asks her to accept it. Sumer shouts and Sher runs out to see what happened.

Everyone run out to check sumer and see him unconscious on floor. Sher tries to awaken him and asks Vikas to carry him. Shraddha says she will call doc. Bhavri asks Munna to check fuse as other houses are having electricity. Munna says something is wrong, earlier envelope, then child crying and now Sumer unconscious on floor, Sumer did not electric shock and someone must have hit him. She says she will ask Sumer once he wakes up and asks him to come along. She senses someone staring and asks if anyon is there. Mama gets afraid and starts chanting hanuman chalisa. Vikas keeps his hand on his shoulder and mama jumps in shock. He sees Vikas and starts beating him. Bhavri asks them to stop their drama. Vikas says Sumer’s leg is shaking. Bhavri goes in with them.

Sher continues to awaken Sumer. Chanda enters with candle. Mama gets afraid. Sumer opens eyes.

Precap: Bhavri forces Shraddha to perform Sher’s tilak during rituals.

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