Piya Rangrezz 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sher locks Shraddha into room and says nobody will enter her room and whoever disobeys him will not be spared. He then asks Bhavri to open alcohol bottles as he wants to have alcohol with her. Bhavri happily says looks like she will get back her son. While having alcohol, Sher complains that he is stuck between both wives, etc. Bhavri gives him alcohol bottle and says it is 12 years old and she opened it specially for him to lessen his sadness.

Chanda enters and says food is ready. Bhavri ways she will come. Chanda insists and says food will get cold. Bhavri scolds her and says she is talking to her lalla after a long time and will come later. Chanda apologizes and walks. Sher asks why did she scold Chanda. Bhavri says women have to be controlled, else they will force man to pull

his hair and make himself bald, she does not want to see her lalla bald. Sher laughs. Chanda fumes and gets panic attack.

Sher reaches his room with wobbly gait. Chanda holds him. Sher asks if he felt bad with amma’s words. Chanda says no and she will be with him always and never let her complain. Sher laughs and sits on sofa. She sits near him and smiles. She leans on his shoulder and says she is world’s luckiest woman to marry him, she just needs his companionship and nothing else. She gets up and sees Sher already asleep and gets angry. She gets panic attack again.

Shraddha sees Sunehri crying and asks why is she crying, she is happy that Sher cares for his child. Sunehri asks how will she live in this locked room. Shraddha says even mata devki gave birth to sri Krishna in prison. She is happy that Sher will take are of child and child will be safe, she can do stay in locked room for life.

Chanda pops in her anxiety pills, looks at Shraddha’s ultrasonography report, cuts it into pieces. She confirms sher asleep and says she will not let this child between her and him. She will kill both Shraddha and her child and blows off ultrasound report in air.

In the morning, Bahvri’s house is decorated for diwali. Mama tells contractor that this is gambling party and if bhavri loses, she will gamble him. Contractor asks not to worry.

Chanda gets ready after a bath and looking at Sher’s pic shyingly says if he stares at her she cannot get ready and he should look somewhere else. Sher calls her on mobile.

Bhavri ties servant to chair with fire crackers around him and orders to accept that he stole, else she will burn him. She throws fire on cracker. Servant accepts that he stole. Bhavri slaps him and says she calculates her money. Mama asks her to let him handle. She says Sher is handling business, that does not mean she should sit idle. Chanda comes running and touching Bhavri’s feet says thakur saheb called and informed he will come soon. Bhavri asks if he or she made phone call. She says he and runs into room. Mama tells Bhavri that she at last got bahu of her choice who is obeying her. Bhavri shows Shraddha’s room and says she is locked in room since 2 months for her mistake.

Sher wrestles with professional country side wrestler. Body builder laughs that Sher accepted defeat so early. Sher says it is not easy to defeat him and says if he is done yelling, he can fight now. Wrestler attacks him angrily, but Sher throws wrestler on floor. Wrestler gets up and attacks again. Sher throws him on floor again and twists his hands. Wrestler’s daughter comes calling papa and crying. Sher consoles her and says he was just playing with he dad just like she plays in school. She says she does not go to school and his mom says when they get money she can go to school. Sher scolds wrestler and after playing with girl for sometime gives money to wrestler for girl’s eduction and gives him a job. People chant thakur saheb ki jai ho.

Precap: Servant informs Bhavri that Sher is coming. Mama comments that sher will go to his wife directly without meeting mother. Bhavri angrily says let us see.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. this track is booring…….
    muje smjh nhi aata ye shraddha bolti kyu nahi…..humesha chup rehne ki kasam kha rkhi h??

  2. Booooring…..

  3. Very boring now

  4. this blody chanda
    i hate this track

  5. blo*dy hell …is chanda Korea to me…..offff

  6. Story is not moving forward. sher character is starting to irritate. Does he really love Shraddha or she is just a possession for him? As for Shraddha, i cannot say anything about her. She is too uhhhh………..

  7. Such a bullshit

  8. Very bad episode yar……chanda really
    Irrited character. ….sher ko kaya hova hai ……..very boring track. ….
    Please es chaper ko jal di katam karo. …

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