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Aradhya prepares cake for Shamsher. Anjali enters kitchen and says everyone are waiting for lunch. She says black forest cake and says cake is Shamsher’s favorite, but it is not his birthday today. Aradhya says she will prepare choc chip cake on Shamsher’s birthday. She asks Anjali to take food to dining table while she comes with cake.

Anjali keeps food on dining table and says bhabhi perpared it all. Bhavri fumes and asks where are servants. Naani asks her not to torture Aradhya so much. Bhavri calms down. Ajrun joins and apologizes Anjali for scolding her. He then goes to kitchen and tries to apologize Aradhya for his misbehavior. Aradhya walks out. He follows her and apologizes kneeling down. She reminisces him killing her father and other incidents and

says his crime is unforgivable. Bhavri thinks Aradhya is arrogant and insulted Arjun. She walks out angrily.

Shamsher sees Bhavri tensed and asks what happened. She says she has to file nomination form for MLA seat. He says it is a good news. She says she cannot handle her house, how will she handle whole Azamgarh. He asks what happened. She says she saw Arjun apologizing Aradhya by kneeling down, but she arrogantly ignored him. Shamsher says whatever Arjun did is wrong and knows he has to apologize if he has to stay here. Bhavri thinks he is developing soft corner for Aradhya and she does not want that. She starts brainwashing him that Aradhya wants to control him and Arjun and rule on both wealth and men. Shamsher says whatever Arjun did is wrong and Aradhya hates him. She says even he hated Simran and burnt her pic, but what happened now. He says he did it in anger. Just like he did not forget his first love, Aradhya will also not forget her first love, asks him to go and rest.

Shamsher comes to his room and reminisces Bhavri’s words. Aradhya comes and he ignores her. Aradhya asks him to punish her if she has made any mistake, but talk to her. He says he bashes and not forgives. She says he should not ignore her. He asks if she is in love with him and says today him and tomorrow someone else, she is unpredictible. He gives her chillies and asks her to eat as punishment. She starts eating chillies. Anjali sees him and tries to stop. Aradya says Shamsher gaveh her punishment. Anjali goes to Shamsher and requests him to come and stop Aradhya. She brings honey and requests Aradhya to eat it, but she does not. She then requests Shamher to feed bhabhi honey. Aradhya finishes chillies and says she finished them all. He feeds her honey. She asks if he forgave him. He says no, this punishment is very less for her and walks out. Anjali asks her not to feel bad. Aradhya says she knows Shasmher well, he is hard externally and has very soft heart.

In the morning, servant informs Shamsher that Bhavri is calling her to come along for filing MLA office. He says okay and wakes up, sees a book on floor and reminisces Bhavri’s words that Arjun is Aradhya’s first love and will not forget him.

Precap: Bhavri shouts at Aradhy to come and check Arjun. Aradhya comes and does Arjun’s checkup. Bhavri records it and shows it to Shamsher, saying Aradhya was with Arjun.

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  1. As shamsher give aradhya chillies to eat he should give it with spirite coke it would be fun to see aradhya reaction.;-)o_O

  2. aradhaya loved samsger truly.but samsher is so arrogant

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