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Shraddha reaches hospital and asks sher how is ammaji/Bhavri. He ignores her. She says ther are a lot of misunderstandings, but he should tell at least how ammaji is. He says his amma is in OT because of her and asks her to sit down quietly. Nurse comes out and she asks how is amma. Nurse asks her to let her do her work, rest doc will explain.

Maama sees injection and panics. Bhavri holds scalpel on his neck and says if he speaks, she will slit his throat. she takes his phone, calls Vikas and asks her to let her speak daadi. He gives phone to daadi. She says she spared Virat’s life in exchange of property and if Sher will know about it, Virat will not be spared. She asks to give phone back to Vikas and tells Vikas to drop them out of village. He says ok and tells daadi and virat

that bua told to drop them out of village. Daadi slaps Virat and says he insulted her and she has to bend her neck in front of Bhavri and even Shraddha is suffering. She asks him not to speak to her again and leaves with Vikas.

Doc says Bhavri both her and maama’s wounds are nursed, what should he do now. She asks him to tell Sher that her condition is critical. He says it is against his profession. She says if he doe s not obey her, she will kill him. Maama praises Bhavri. She says she came till here with a great difficulty, she will make sure Sher and Shraddha’s relationship is anulled.

Doc comes out and tells Sher that Shraddha’s condition is very critical. Sher runs into OT and is shocked to see bhavri wearing oxygen mask and acting as too ill. She asks him to take care of himself after she dies. He says nothing will happen to her. Shraddha enters OT. bhavri feels restless seeing her. Doc starts acting as giving her CPR. Bhavri acts as dying with vital signs monitor going blank. Sher gets a deep shock seeing his amma dead. Maama starts acting. Sher asks her to wake up and not leave her alone. Bhavri acts as getting back to live and docs starting her oxygen mask again. Sher gets happy seeing her amma alive again.

Shraddha asks Sher to give her one chance to explain. He shouts at her. Doc asks him to calm down as it is OT. He aks him to do his work and then says Shraddha he warned her not to meet virat, but she did not listen to him, so when here is no trust in this relationship, it is better to end it. He drags her out. Bhavri smirks and tells maama tha she will not let this relationship reunite.

Sher drags Shraddha out of hospital and then in his jeep. Shraddha reminisces Sher’s warning not to meet Virat and recent incidents. He stops in the middle and asks her to follow him.

Precap: Shraddha asks Sher to listen to him. He says if she had attacked him, he would have tolerated, but he cannot tolerate anyone even touching her amma. He enters amma’s room and is shocked to see her enjoying alcohol with maama.

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