Piya Rangrezz 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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Tilakraj’s sister tells him that Bhavri gave him a big defeat. Tilakraj says it is enough now, he will attack Shamsher now and asks her to send a message to him.

Shamsher drives car with Bhavri and mama. A biker throws letter on Sher and speeds up. Bhavri asks mama to read letter. Mama reads letter that Aradhya has written Shamsher is a coward. Shamsher fumes. Bhavri says laundiya/girl is playing with his brain wants him to do mistake, he should be calm and concentrate on business.

Aradhya with her friend enjoys pani puri at cart. Bhavri reaches there with mama and Sher. People greet her pranam. Shamsher sees Aradhya and tells Bhavri that he left his mobile in car. He gets into car and applies break just in front of her. Friend shouts if he is blind. He gets out

of car and Aradhya says he…He says yes he.. She says she should have realized mouse is trying to become tiger. He shouts. Mama calms him down and reminds him what aji amma told in car and orders laundiya/Aradhya to leave. She leaves..

Bhavri comes home and tells Arjun and Munmun that their business is running well and praises Arjun that his brains works faster than Shamsher’s anger, Tilakraj does not have even a single employee.

Shamsher plants nails on road and waits for Aradhya. Aradhya drives car over nails and tyres get punctured. She panics. Shamsher’s aide fixes vegetable in silencer hole. Car breaks down. Shamsher breaks down central window lock. She shouts for help, chokes and falls unconscious.

Arjun passes by on his bullet, sees car, peeps in and finds Aradhya. Shamsher and his aide wait in car. Aide says if he has to save Aradhya, then why did he stuck her in car. Shamsher says he is just teaching her a lesson. Arjun breaks door and wakes her up. She calls his name. He says yes and asks she remembers him even in dreams, so he came. She asks him to let her come out. He moves aside. She asks what is he doing at this time. He says he was passing by and saw her unconscious in car.
Shamsher comes in car and says he is amazed seeing their romance on road. Arjun says he was passing by and just stopped seeing her. Shamsher says he does good drama like he does with other girls and yesterday’s girl was better than this one. Arjun asks to stop bluffing. Shamsher shows nails and Arjun planned this well, gives her flying kiss and leaves in his car. Aradhya asks Arjun how could he do this and leaves in auto.

Arjun comes to Shamsher’s room angrily, holds his collar and says he crossed his limits today. Shamsher says he is crossing limits now and shouts to leave his collar. Arjun continues fighting with him. Shamsher asks if he wants to fight with his brother for enemy’s daughter.

Bhavri interferes and scolds Arjun that she will not let him marry his enemy’s daughter and he has to kill her before he does that. Arjun asks what is she telling. Bhavri shows Aradhya’s ring and says she gave it to servant and he took it from him, he directly disobeyed him. He says he wanted to return Aradhya ring and did not want to feel that they are all same. She says whatever it is, he has to promise her that he will not look at laundya even if she comes in front of him. He promises and leaves. She then asks Shamsher to go and take care of their tender business. He says okay and leaves.

Precap: Munmun reads Aradhya love SMS sent to Arjun and says laundiya is very fast, she will inform aji amma. He says he knows what to do now and leaves angrily.

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