Piya Rangrezz 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Veer shoots a hole in boat and thinks Aradhya is coming towards her own death, he has to do this to break Bhavri’s family. He then calls Arjun and informs in servant’s voice that Aradhya is attacked. Arjun reverses his car and collides it with tree. Car breaks down. He gets out of car and runs to save Aradhya.

Aradhya sees boat, gets into it and starts riding it. Water starts filling in boat. Arjun reaches temple and calls Aradhya. Pandit tells she has gnoe towards jungle and he should save her from murderers. Aradhya sees water filling in boat and panics. Crocodiles swim towards her boat. Veer watches hiding behind tree and thinks he has has to kill her and break Bhavri’s family as a revenge of her mother. Aradhya panics seeing crocodiles coming towards


Arjun comes running and jumps into water. Veer comments if Arjun dies, Bhavri will be shattered. Aradhya asks him to go back. Arjun picks his car keys and slits his wrist. Once blood mixes in water, crocodiles swim towards Arjun. Aradhya asks him again to go. He says once crocodiles go away from her, she should go towards shore. She jumps into water and swims towards shore and walks out of lake. Crocodiles rush towards Arjun, but he also swims towards lake and escape just when crocodile is about to bite his leg. Aradhya takes him far away.

Veer picks his gun to shoot him, but stops seeing Arjun falling unconscious. Aradhya sprinkles water on him and he wakes up. She asks why did he risk his life for her. He says he risked his life, not hers. Aradhya ties her dupatta on his wound and asks if it is paining. He nods yes and looks into her eyes and asks why is she worried about him, he would have died as a last resort. She shuts his mouth. He asks what does she need. She asks him to lean on her lap. He leans and asks why don’t she express her love now. She smiles. Veer peeping from behind tree laughs and thinks Arjun escaped from crocodiles, how will he escape from him now. He then after lengthy dialogues targets Arjun. Arjun tells Aradhya that he knows it is Shamsher and he will punish Shamsher. Aradhya says he should forgive Shamsher.

Surgeon asks Bhavri if she is ready for her surgery. She says she wants to look at her wound one last time and looks at her burn wound in mirror.

Veer targets Arjun and Aradhya and murmurs they will be dead. Chanda calls him and he says he is very busy. She questions something. He laughs and says Arjun will not spare Shamsher for trying to kill Aradhya, now Bhavri will see blood river in her home.

After Bhavri’s surgery, she is taken to a bed. Nurse says doc told her wound will heal soon. Power goes off. Bhavr asks nurse to go and check. Nurse leaves. Chanda enters and warns her that her grandsons will fight and kill themselves, Arjun saved Aradhya and now will kill Shamsher. Bhavri shouts and she escapes. Mama while walking in clashes with her and apologizes. He enters Bhavri’s room who says Chanda had come. He rushes out and asks his men to catch Chanda. Mama finds chanda and walks towards her.

Precap: Tilak over phone tells Veer if something happens to his daughter, he will destroy Bhavri’s family. Veer says he will destroy Bhavri’s family. Mama catches him and asks if he is speaking to Tilakraj. Veer asks if he is doubting him. Mama asks if he is playing game.

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