Piya Rangrezz 5th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Shraddha tells Sher that she is feeling something wrong will happen. He asks her to be positive. She looks more tensed. He asks if she is tensed that amma/Bhavri did not create any problem yet. She nods yes. He says amma is tensed that they both have united and all her plans have failed. Shraddha says she senses an upcoming problem and says soon he has to hand over bridge to govt. He says he has planned to hand it over today itself. She smiles. He says because of her positive effort, he will work loyally and achieve more success in life. He asks her to stop crying and get ready as she has to be present during bridge handover function. She smiles and wishes him best of luck. He says he needs her presence than best of luck and leaves, leaving Shraddha smiling.

Bhavri asks Aditya Sher

will hand over bridge tomorrow, why is he keeping his hand crossed still. Aditya gets romantic and asks her to believe his love. She gets angry and asks him to stop dreaming. He says she cannot stop him from loving her. She asks him to get out. He says he is going from her room and not from her heart.

Bhavri speaks to Vikas over phone and informs about Sher handing over bridge to govt today instead of tomorrow and orders him to blast bridge today itself. Shraddha hears that and calls Sher, but he does not pick call. She runs outside home and starts running on Sher’s built bridge barefooted. She tries even Sumer, but he doe snot pick call. She then tries Sher’s phone repeatedly. At last Sher reaches near bridge, sees her call and asks if she is so restless. He sees her standing on bridge and waves hand. She worried says sher ji.. sher ji…. Just then, Vikas blasts bomb and runs from there. Bridge blasts into pieces and Shraddha falls down along with debris and gets deeply buried under debris.

Sher runs on bridge and does not find her. He then runs near debris and starts shouting her name. At last, he finds her hand buried under debris, removes debris from her body asking her to be courageous. Shraddha looks at him once and closes her eyes. He removes a big boulder above her legs and asks shradha again to be courageous. She calls his name and falls unconscious (just a small scratch on her head).

Vikas runs home back and informs Bhavri, mama, and Aditya that he blasted bridge. Aditya says they will not be caught as he mixed ammo/barood in cement. Bhavri says she has bribed govt officers and they will blame sher’s bad construction. Vikas says along with bridge, shraddha also died. Bhavri gets tensed. Maama asks why did not he see Shraddha before blasting bridge. Vikas says she came in suddenly there just when was blasting bridge.

Sher carries Shradha and runs on road pleading truckists to help him. Truckists yell at him not to die under their truck and flee without helping him.

Vikas tells Sher will burn whole village and even them. Bhavri says he did a good job in his life, along with pull she will get rid of chudail/shraddha.

Sher sees a hand cart on road, puts Shraddha on it asking her to be awake and courageous and runs towards hospital.

Precap: Sher asks inspector to help him as hospital people are not addmiting Shraddha. Inspector arrests him instead. Shradha calls Sher’s name once and falls unconscious again.

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  1. Bullshit y evrytime evil wins

  2. I love this show.The show is fantastic so amazing can’t wait what is going to happen tomorrow love it so much I hope sher does something for Shraddha

  3. Nice episode

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