Piya Rangrezz 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the morning, Chanda comes to Shraddha’s room again and seeing her sleeping triesto touch her stomach. Shraddha holds her hand. Chanda frees her hand and says she became daring in 1 day. Shraddha says she has seeing her changed tone. Chanda addresses her disrepectfully and says it is her mistake, why did she get her married to thakur saheb. When she could hold her husband under her pallu, she is trying to get him back now. Shraddha says she is thinking wrong. Chanda asks why don’t she go from here. Shraddha says Sher will not let her go. Chanda shouts she just wants to get back Sher and should not force her to harm her. She is going out and will be back soon and she should not try to get near thakur saheb, else she will not spare her. Shraddha is shocked to see her changed

arrogant nature.

Once Chanda leaves, Shraddha reminisces Chanda’s words and thinks of getting Chanda’s truth in front of everyone. She goes to Chanda’s room and searches for pills and finds a bottle under bed. She turns back and sees sher standing who asks what was she searching in this room. She says Chanda’s truth and evidence to prove it. She gives him pill bottle and says Chanda is having mental illness and takes pills to hide it from us, now he should realize that she is not lying. He says Chanda eats vitamin tablets. Shraddha checks bottle and says she saw Chanda getting headache and taking anxiety pills. Chanda comes with doll and alleges Shraddha that she sent her to bring pills and now alleging her instead. Sher checks pills and asks Shraddha if she takes sleeping pills. Shraddha says she did not tell anything. Chanda gives prescription slip and says Shraddha gave it to bring pills. Sher throws pills and asks Shraddha if she does not know how harmful it is for her child. Shraddha says again Chanda is lying. Chanda says if she wants her to go from here, she will go and tells Sher that he must also be doubting her, else he would not have searched her room. His silence tells she should go from here.

Bhavri enters and asks Chanda why is she crying. Sher says Shraddha is taking sleeping pills and trying to kill child and instead alleging Chand as mental patient. Bhavri shouts how dare she is to allege her bahu and attack her grandson. Chanda takes care of her so much, but she is trying to separate them. He has to do something, else it will affect badly on child. Sher says she is right, he has to take a decision. He drags Shraddha from there. Chanda breaks doll’s head and throws it.

Shraddha asks Sher to trust her. Sher asks her to pack her bags and himself packs her suitcase and says if she thinks this place is harmful to her child, he will take her away from here. She resists. He says he does not want to force her. Bhavri asks him to think calmly, if Shraddha leaves this house, she will vanish between people. Chanda says ammaji is right, he should not send Shraddha out. Sher asks her not to behave like Shraddha and takes Shraddha out. Bhavri runs behind him to stop, but Sher holds Shraddha’s hand, drops her into guest room and says she will be in this guest room till she becomes mother. He draws line on floor and warns Shraddha not to cross it and whoever has to harm her will have to pass through him first. He orders family nobody should meet Shraddha and her food should be served in room itself. Even he will not cross line and will take care of her from outside. He also locks room door and says he will not spare anyone this time and whoever disobeys him will have to face him. Chanda smirks seeing this while Shraddha cries.

Precap: Chanda cuts Shraddha’s ultrasonography report and says this child is holding Sher and Shraddha, she will kill this child itself.

Update Credit to: MA

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