Piya Rangrezz 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Munna mama brings inebriated Shamsher home. Naani asks what happend to Shamsher. Munna says he is heavily inebriated and is taking him to his room. Bhavri asks him to take him to her room and not Aradhya’s. Anjali asks Aradhya if she found secret of box. Aradhya says no and thinks she cannot tell the secret and make Shamsher feel guilty. She enters room and reminisces Shamsher expressing his love for her, thinking she is Simran. She thinks Shamsher is arrogant because of being rejected in love and does not trust love, so he gets very angry and does not speak softly, but she will change things and will make him realize how life is beautiful. She knows howmuch Shamsher feels alone, but she will be with him always. She thanks god for getting Shamsher to her.

Bhavri tells Munna

that once Shamsher wakes up, he will create a big drama. Munna says Aradhya rescued Shamsher, will he kick her out. Bhavri says he does not know anything and will react on what she will say.

In the morning, Aradhya comes out of washroom and looks at her suitcase. She keeps her clothes from suitcase into shamsher’s cupboard and thinks he acts as arrogant but is very sweet. She continues….

Once Shamsher wakes up, Bhavri brainwashes Shamsher against Aradhya. Shamsher angrily goes to his rooom and starts throwing Aradhya’s clothes from his cupboard. Aradhya enters room and sees Shamsher throwing her things and shouting she does not deserve to stay in his room. He even throws Tilakraj’s photoframe. Aradhya picks pic and says he acts as arrogant and woman abuser, but is actually soft hearted and does not want anyone to see his tears…He shouts shut up and leaves.. She thinks she will not feel defeat. Bhavri watches from window and fumes that Shamsher easily spared Aradhya, she has to do something.

Bhavri goes to Arjun’s room and asks where is he going, till when he will hide from Shamsher and laundiya/Aradhya. He says until he understands what is happening. She says she accepts his and Aradhya’s relationship and wants him to convince laundiya to marry him. He says yesterday she did not want him to be near Aradhya, but today she is telling different. She says she just needs his happiness and brainwashes him to do what she says, she will get his love back. He agrees to do whatever she says..

Anjali enters Aradhya’s room and asks if Shamsher threw things out. Aradhya says she loves Shamsher, but he loves someone else. Anjali says Shamsher needs to realize he loves her now. Shamsher goes to his godown and asks who told Aradhya about hut. Servant says Lallan. Shamsher warns him not to make mistake again and asks to throw Aradhya’s tiffin out. He yells she reaches wherever he goes. He picks alcohol bottle, but stops reminiscing Aradhya’s words not to drink.

Aradhya tells Anjali that Shamsher’s love is her right, but he still loves someone else. She wants him to realize her love for him.

Precap: Shamsher gives Aradya chilli plate and asks her to eat them all. Aradhya bites chillies and thinks she will eat them until he comes and speaks to her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. who is this simmi?????????!!!

  2. simmi shamsher ex girlfrd….

  3. x girl frd

  4. Does anyone know that shamsher and aradhya was once once aman and mukta in uttaran???

  5. Does anyone know that shamsher and aradhya were once aman and mukta in uttaran??

  6. Good show

  7. Yes they were once aman(gaurav s bajaj) and mukta(srejida de) in utatran.

  8. Gud show pls update 5 may

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