Piya Rangrezz 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 4th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Veer takes gun from his henchman and targets Aradhya. Arjun stands in front of Aradhya. Mama stops Veer and says Jiji is trying hard to keep family reunited and wants to kill Aradhya for Arjun’s sake.

Arjun says Aradhya that there are problems everywhere and each problem has solution, he just needs some time. She asks then why did not he react when aunt told him about Shamsher. Arjun says he explained Shamsher not to interfere in his life and he agreed. Aradhya tells him the whole incident happened from point gun at each other to Bhavri reuniting them. Arjun asks how does she know, if she is spying him. She says he is losing his family to get her, he should realize his family’s love and know their importance. Arjun says she is misunderstanding. She says it is better

for them to part ways and he will get a better girl than him. He forces her into car and leaves. Mama says Veer they will target practice some other day. Veer says they will kill Aradhya today and will fulfill aji amma’s wish.

Bhavri is taken to hospital for surgery. Munmun warns nurse if something happens to Aji amma, her hospital will be destroyed. Nurse says UP’s best surgeon will perform aji amma’s operation. Bhavri scolds pandit for bluffing and says if munna mama would not have sent him, she would have thrown him out and asks to tell what he wants to. Pandit with shivering hands checks kundali and says a black shadow is hovering around her family. Bhavri says she knows it is Chanda and asks what new he has to say. He says within 72 hours, she will lose a family member. All henchmen point gun on pandit. Bhavri asks to recheck and tell if it is her family member. He says must be a relative of hers. Anjali says Arjun’s girlfriend may die. Bhavri asks if his book says that. Pandit says must be. She asks his men to give 2 liquor bottles as dakshina/fees and send pandit.

Arjun takes Aradhya to temple and takes oath on god that his love will not let her repent that she loves him, his love will never lessen for her neither in this life nor in future lives. He gives a locket and says they and their love is one now. Aradhya says she is afraid. He asks of whom. She says his love, she sees that he can do anything for her love and can kill someone or lose his life. Arjun says she caught it right, he can do anything for his love. She says she does not like that, she cannot break family for becoming its members. Arjun says he can see in her eyes that she loves him and thinks only about him 24 x 7, but is not expressing it. She says they live in a practical world and not dream world where everyone’s wishes are not fulfilled. He says he does not care about world. She says it is not enough, it is better for him to forget her to save many lives. He says he cannot live without her. She says it is world’s biggest lie, she is sure he will learn living without her. He asks if it is her final decision. She says yes. Khogaya gum hogaya…..song…plays in the background. He stands sadly. Gush of air blows and her dupatta falls on him. He returns it and then walks sadly, leaving her crying.

Mama wit h Veer and his henchman waits for Aradhya with gun and hide seeing Arjun leaving. Once Arjun leaves in car, they return back. Aradhya cries vigorously holding Arjun’s given locket. Pandit consoles her and then leaves. Aradhya then walks out of temple. Mama tells Veer that he will shoot laundiya/Aradhya as it is best time to repay jiji/bhavri’s debt. He shoots. Aradhya ‘s locket falls down and she bends to pick it. Bullet hits pillar. Aradhya gets alert and runs from temple. Henchman also shoots, but she escapes. She runs into jungle where mama and Veer follow her and shoot bullets hiding. She escapes bullets.

Tilakraj calls Aradhya and asks if she is fine. Aradhya says someone is trying to shoot her and she is hiding in kali ghati jungle. He says nothing will happen to her, she should reach lake and reach opposite side via boat, he will wait for her on opposite side. she agrees. It is Veer who mimics Aradhya’s voice. He throws fishes on lake crocodile and then makes a hole in boat with bullet and smirks.

Precap: Bhavri tells mama that Chanda had come and asks to run and catch her. Mama sees a lady walking and holds her shoulder.

Update Credit to: MA

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