Piya Rangrezz 4th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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Shraddha and Sher’s romantic outing continues. They both get up after enjoying ginger tea and is about to kiss when Sher gets Vikas’s call who says Bhavri kicked him out and now he wants to join him. Sher is surprised. Vikas asks if he does not want him, he will leave this city then. Sher asks him to calm down and says he will come home right now.

Sunehri nurses Vikas’ wounds. Sher comes home and Vikas cries holding his legs that he made a big mistake by helping Bhavri and if he does not accept him, he will leave this town and go to Mumbai. Sher asks him to calm down. Bhavri sees Vikas says if he steps in, she will cut his legs. Sher says he will not go as he is Shraddha Construction’s manager now. Bhavri says he is doing mistake by taking in a snake. Sher

says Vikas will not betray him and he does not want to listen anything now. He takes Vikas with him.

During cooking, Shraddha tells Gajra that she still does not believe Vikas. Sunehri comes with Vikas and tells Vikas has changed and she just asked him to apologize sher, but he held his legs and his tears are real. She continues…and says if she does not believe, she will send Vikas to Mumbai as she said. Shraddha stops her, hugs and apologizes and says she has already been betrayed and sees everyone with doubt. she asks vikas to work loyally and help Sher complete his bridge. Vikas says he will. Shradha asks what he would have done in Mumbai. He says he would have become hero. Sunehri jokes that even jokers are allowed in films.

A man wearing blanket enters bhavri’s room. Maama and Aditya are surprised. Man removes blanket from face and it is vikas. Mama asks why could not he come silently. Vikas says he came hiding from Sher and his puppet and will make Sher’s plans fail.

In the morning, Vikas supervisor bridge construction work..

Sher sees Shraddha coming out of bathroom and drying her hair and gets mesmerized with her beauty. He comes closer to her and says last time his talk was incomplete. He takes his mouth near her and she closes eyes…. A soft music plays in the background. Just when he is about to kiss her, Sunehri comes and he gets shy and leaves from there.

At night, on his bed, Sher looks at Comedy Classes clip and laughs out loudly. He drags Shraddha to watch it and enjoy. Even she smiles. He then realizes he has held her hand and get conscious. Their romance continujes.

Bhavri nervously tells Aditya that today Sher’s bridge will be complete and they will be defeated. He asks her to relax just watch his move, how he destroys Sher completely.

Sher sees Shraddha folding clothes and asks why don’t she let Sunehri and Gajra do that. She says she has sent them with Sumer to arrange pooja as they have to hand over bridge soon. Sher says living with her, he understood her way of working. She says she is feeling something bad will happen. She asks her not to think bad.

Precap: Shraddha hears Bhavri informing her partner to blast Sher’s bridge tonight as he will hand it over to govt today itself and asks if he adulterated cement well.

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  1. I like the way of romancing and Shraddha smile.

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