Piya Rangrezz 3rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sumer suggests Shraddha to accept Bhavri’s challenge and shoot a person she orders to stay in this house. Mama tells Bhavri that she tried to kick out Shraddha many times, but she did not go. Bhavri says she wants Shraddha to be out of Sher’s life permanently. Mama says Shraddha did not return yet after 15 min. Shraddha comes. Bhavri says she knows her answer and asks her to give her mobile number to her parents and write a letter to Sher that she is fed up of her, so she is going away from him. Shraddha says she is ready to shoot whoever she orders. Bhavri says then tonight she will shoot the person she tells. She asks to show a sample now and shoot. Shraddha shivers nervously.

Bhavri takes Shradha to garden and asks her to shoot a dummy now and hands over gun to her.

Shraddha drops gun. Bhavri’s goon laughs seeing this. Bhavri asks why did he laugh. He says bahurani could not handle gun’s weight, how will she shoot. Bhavri asks Shraddha to not embarrass her and shoot. Shraddha with trembling hands points gun at dummy and closes eyes. Bhavri says she taught her how to unlock, but she is so dumb. She herself unlocks and asks to shoot now. Shraddha stands silently. Bhavri says she is wasting her time and tries to leave. Shraddha stops her, closes eyes, reminisces her marriage with Sher and sher telling she should enter his world and show proof of her love, and shoots at dummy. Bhavri laughs seeing her missing target and laughs. Dummy falls down later. Shraddha returns her gun. Bhavri says this aim will help her tonight and asks her to reach kali ghati tonight. Once she leaves, Shraddha starts crying. Gajra comes and consoles her.

Maama tells Bhavri if Shraddha really kills someone, she will go to jail. Bhavri says either ways, it is good for her. He asks who is the scapegoat. Bhavri leaves silently.

Aditya speaks to his mom and says he loves Bhavri and married her and age does not matter to him. Bhavri enters, hears that and says if Sher would have married old woman, even she would have got angry like his mom. Aditya says he loves her, that is all matters to him. She says she thinks of accepting him and asks him to come tonight at kali ghati. He asks reason. She says she wants to surprise him. He tries to hug her. She says he should wait till tonight. He happily leaves.

Mama enters and asks Bhavri if she changed her decisions towards nanhe munhe jijaji/Aditya. She asks him to speak slowly and says she will ask Shradha to shoot Aditya. If she does, she will go to jail, and if she does not, she will get out of Sher’s life.

Precap: Sumer tells Shraddha that he will load dummy bullets in gun and she should lie that she could not aim properly. Bhavri hears their conversation.

Update Credit to: MA

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