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Shraddha tells Bhavri that someone is trying to kill her child. Bhavri asks who and says she knew she would start a new drama. Shraddha asks to believe her and come with her. Bhavri holds her hand. Shraddha says she tried to take her life in room. Bhavri agrees to come along. Shradha takes her to room, but finds no one.

Sher reaches restaurant and asks manager about Chanda. Chanda comes back and acts as being there only. Sher apologizes her for coming late. She holds his hand and says let us not waste them and he does not look good apologizing. They both sit on table. She says she ordered food already and wants to know if he likes her selected dishes. Food comes and he says this is his favorite food. She says wife’s duty is to take care of husband’s likes and dislikes.

She tells waiter that they will have food on single plate as love increases. Sher smiles.

After dinner Chanda says she knows he is hesitate to accept their relationship, but she is his husband forever.

Sher reaches home and hears Shraddha pleading Bhavri to let her go from here. Bhavri asks him to control Shraddha now. Sher asks what is happening here. Shraddha pleads him to let her go from here. Bhavri tells Sher if Shraddha was not carrying his child, she would have kicked Shraddha out. Sher says Shraddha she has to be here until child is born, then she can go whereever she likes. Shraddha looks at Chanda and says her child cannot born in this house as someone tried to kill her child thrice. Bhavri asks if she does not sleep at night and makes stories. Shraddha says she is not making stories. Sher says earlier she was alleging amma and now someone else, who is daring to kill his child. Shraddha looks at Chanda and says she does not want to create havoc here. Sher says she should not worry about that and asks if munna, Vikas, Gajra, Sunehri, or Sumer are trying to kill her child. If he tried to kill her child then? Shraddha points at Chanda. Chanda acts as surprised. Everyone shockingly look at each other. Shraddha says Chanda is trying to take her child’s life.

Bhavri starts again and says Sher that she wanted him to hear this from Shraddha. Cow like chanda attacked Shraddha. Shraddha says she considered Chanda as her sister. Bhavri says before marriage, she was her sister and after marriage, she is her sautan and enemy. Chanda asks if she made any mistake. Shraddha asks her to stop acting innocent as she saw her real face. Sher asks Shraddha to stop as Chanda is his wife and she cannot be at 2 places same time, she was with him. He holds Chanda’s hand and walks near door. Shraddha says when he is tired of her, he should let her go from here. Sher says after 9 months once child is born, she will be out of this house. She should start counting days on calender. He leaves with Chanda. Sunehri and Gajra console Shraddha.

Sher enters room and sees Chanda crying. Chanda says he trusted her for the first time and took her side, she does not know why Shraddha is alleging her wrongly, when he is with her she does not know whoever alleges her, she knows everything will be fine. She acts as getting dizzy and falls on his shoulder and smirks. He asks if she is fine and makes her sleep on bed.

Shraddha asks Sunehri if she does not trust her. Sunehri says she trust her, but Chanda does not like that cruel. Shraddha says Chanda brought her poisoned food and even dropped oil on floor. Sunehri says thakur saheb told Chanda was with him whole day. Shraddha says even she is confused and wants to be careful to save her child.

Sher gives water to Chanda and she drinks it holding his hand and again acts as dizzy. Once he turns, she smirks. He asks her to rest and leaves switching off light. Shraddha passes by and sees Sher walking out of room.

Chanda gets panic attack again and speaks to Sher’s pic that she gets emotional without him and needs to take medicine to control herself. She then goes and pops in her anxiety pill. Shraddha watches everything from door gap. Chanda does not get sleep alone and walks out of her room. She hears Sher and Shraddha’s laughs. Sher tells he loves his child and will bring him lots of toys. Shraddha asks what about her. He says he loves her a lot and came to meet her by fooling her new wife. She says I love you Sher ji. Sher says even he loves her and hugs.

Precap: Sher sees Shraddha in Chanda’s room and asks what is she doing here. Shraddha says found Chanda’s truth and shows him anxiety pills. Chanda enters holding baby doll and water mug and drops water mug.

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  2. it is good tht chanda should be expose …sher shradha & their baby make them safe from chanda attack…& sher should be believe on shradha by supporting her…

  3. leap means more twist more confusion and some suppose to more problem according to recent situation among sherdha life…cv’s should finish or exit chanda part from story…it is irritating so much..

  4. Chanda ki capture ko katam ko yar. …..now she should be expose hum chanda se paktuke hai ….please exit chanda

  5. Chanda ki capture ko katam koro yar. …hum paktuke hai now she should be expose….
    nahi to story me viewer ko ronne ki alava kuch nahi hai yar ……..please exit chanda

  6. What happened to subtitles

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