Piya Rangrezz 3rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Shamsher drinnks liquor sitting at cliff and murmurs how he used to sit here with his girlfriend. He opens box and removes ring, clutch, etc.. of his girlfriend. He throws all things and letters from box and then picks them back and shouts Simmi..

Aradhya walks towards home reminiscing Shamsher insulting her and thinks if she really loves Shamsher, then why is she feeling jealous. She reminisces him rescuing her from Veer and their romantic moments and thinks she loves him and does not know when. Shamsher tries to prove himself as bad person, but he has good person inside him, she will bring his goodness out. She will speak to him right now.

Bhavri tells mama that she has to go to godown as Shamsher is tensed. Naani asks because of whom and says people try to hold family together,

but she is shattering her family. She is trying to separate Shamsher and Aradhya, what is in that box. Bhavri asks if she should get her ticket and says this place is her kingdom and she does not want anyone’s inteference. Naani says if she separates Aradhya from Shamsher, Shamsher will die and she will be responsible for her.

Shamsher falls down while walking. Aradhya hears his shout and runs towards him. Bhavri reaches godown and asks servant where is Shamsher. Servant says he went to hut on hill. Bhavri tells mama let us go there. Servant says Aradhya has gone there already. Munna thinks he should not let bhavri interfere between them and acts as getting injured. Bahvri asks servant to drop him to haveli. Mama says he is fine now and walks with her.

Aradhya sees Shamsher on cliff, throws water on him and wakes him up. Shamsher wakes up and says he knew she would return. He hugs her and asks why did she leave him alone, she has returned after 5 years, he missed her a lot. He has kept all her things and shows it to Aradhya. He shows ring and says she threw it and left him, but even now he is waiting for her. He continues. She takes him to hut and makes him sleep on bed. He says her eyes look very beautiful, Simran, even now he sees love in it, why did she leave him. He falls asleep. Aradhya picks letters and starts reading them and gets very emotional. She thinks Shamsher used to love that girl so much, but she was unlucky to reject Shamsher’s golden heart. Bhavri comes and snatches letters. She asks Munna to take Shamsher home and take box along.

Aradhya stops Bhavri and asks if she knew what was in that box and used it against her, she today proved that she can go to any extent to take her revenge. She does not even spare her family. Bhavri asks her to shut up. Aradhya says love is more powerful than hatred and promises that she will give Shamsher so much love that he will become human and will learn to forgive than punishing. Bhavri says it looks like she loves Shamsher. Aradhya says yes. Bhavri says what difference does it make, Shamsher hates her. Aradhya says he will eventually love her one day and will announce in front of whole world. Bhavri says she is dreaming big and when they shatter, she will love it. She then leaves in car with mama.

Precap: Aradhya thinks Shamsher changed after being rejected, so she will give him lots of love. Bhavri thinks of telling a fabricated story to Shamsher and provoke him against Aradhya.

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  1. This show was so good with the older characters…Sher and Shradda.
    Too bad this show is ending May 26.

    1. Really is it ending??

  2. too good this show is ending .It was became bakwas after leap.Sher-Shradha was very nice.now its all crap

  3. i like shamsher’s acting very much . toady i feel like crying after seeing this episode. really gaurav’s acting is awesome

  4. Yahh right Priyanka the show was good with old character but guarav acting is superb

  5. Well veer will come back to take revenge

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