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Sher walks into Shraddha’s room and sees Sunehri and Gajra trying to console her. They both leave seeing her. He asks Shraddha if Rani called her. She says she spoke to her directly. He asks if she was here. She says yes. He asks why did not she stop her and asks what did she say. She says Rani wants to get him and she came to inform him downstairs, but before she could speak, Bhavri started scolding her. He walks out.

Pandey scolds Rani for getting mad in Sher’s love. He says his puppet partner that he made a big mistake hiring this mad woman. Pupppet says because of her, he lost his friend and is repenting that he hired a tharki woman. She angrily shoots and kills him. Pandey gets afraid seeing this and asks if she has gone mad. Rani says her egoism is very dearer to

her and she cannot accept defeat from Sher’s wife. She says you both were coming bin between and it is important to kill them both. She points gun on Pandey and he starts praising her. He says he is with her in her plan. She shoots also him and kills. She holds his dead body and tells a witty dialogue.

Maama says bhavri that he bribed everyone. She asks him to bribe more if they need. Vikas says he handled everything well. Sher comes back and she asks what Rani needs. He says she needs him and in exchange will give evidence in her favor. She says he should not go. Maama says let him go. She slaps him and says Sher is her son and not public property. She orders Sher again not to go anywhere. Inspector comes. Vikas asks him to speak carefully. Inspector touches Bhavri’s feet and says he came to arrest her on superior’s order and if he does not, he will be suspended. Sher holds his collar. Inspector says either he should kill him or let him take Bhavri. He says 15 VIPs are ill after consuming poison here, 2 policemen and 1 MLA. Bhavri asks him to lock her. Vikas says inspector to elope for some days and then join them. Bhavri asks Vikas to take care of Sher and is about to walk with inspector when Sher stops them.

Sher says Bhavri that he will get proof against Rani and asks inspector to give him time till morning. Bhavri fumes. Inspector says he will go now, but he should not let him down. Sher agrees and sends him. He calls Rani. She picks call and recites a shayari. He asks where to come. She says if he had agreed to her before, all this mishap would not have happened. He asks where to come. She says in her arms and says Hotel Queen’s maharaja suite. She warns him to come alone.

Sher looks at Bhavri and she leaves angrily. He turns and sees Shraddha looking at him with eager eyes. He takes out mangalsutra from his pocket and reminisces challenging her to make him so helpless that he himself should dorn mangalsutra on her neck. He gives her mangalsutra and tries to leave, but she holds his hand and says she hopes he gets into a situation where he starts trusting her and dorn mangalsutra again on her neck. He is just returning it now instead of dorning, so it is better to keep it himself as a protection for himself against evil spirits. He says he is a son along with husband and protecting his mom is his utmost preference. He never accepted her openly, but she sensed it from his anger that he loves her a lot. Bhavri passes by and stops seeing this.

Precap: Rani tells Bhavri that she played game with her own son and sent him to her bed. She open door and is shocked to see Shraddha standing.

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  1. loved today’s episode!specially the last scene when they were talking about love. eager to know what happens next.

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  3. loved the last scene when they were talking about love.eager to see what heppens next. hope to see sraddha and sher coming closer.

  4. I really liked the last scene when they were talking about love. eager to see what happens next. hope that they will soon come closer.

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