Piya Rangrezz 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shamsher angrily plays game on TV. Manohar butters him that he is right and Arjun is wrong. Shamsher says he is guilty for fighting with his brother. Arjun enters and says he is happy to hear that he is feeling guilty. Shamsher says he is feeling guilty for point gun at his brother and not for punishing Aradhya. They start fighting again. Mama enters and says he has 3 villagers in house, 2 here and 1 jiji downstairs who is hungry even after having high BP. Shamsher and Arjun get concerned for Bhavri.

Arjun and Shamsher enter Bhavri’s room with food. Bhavri says why did they come in when she ordered nobody should come to her room. Shamsher he would have broken door today and starts praising his food. Arjun says they both prepared food for her. Bhavri says she will not eat.

They both start praising their food’s taste and taunting each other. Bhavri asks them to eat it. They eat it and then feed Bhavri. She smiles seeing them reunity.

Bhavri stands outside temple near her car and says 20 years ago Chanda destroyed her family and she did not do anything, this time Aradhya is trying to ruin her house, now she will not keep quiet and Aradhya has to go.

Arjun and Shamsher at home discuss that Aji amma will fume if they do this. Bhavri enters and asks what are they talking about. Arjun says they discussed about it before and she rejected their offer, they all want her to get her surgery done. Arjun tells accident happened years ago, life gives us happiness and sorrows and intelligent human forges sorrows and lives with happines. Veer enters and says Arjun is right. He greets Aji amma and mama and says Aji amma that he knows Chanda’s given wound has injured her soul along with body, till when she will feel the defeat, she still has a lot from life. Shamsher says he cannot erase Chanda’s given injury and they should show at least that they don’t care a damn at Chanda. Veer says she should erase Chanda’s given signatures. Bhavri cries reminiscing fire accident. Veer says she should forget defeat with alcohol. She says it reminds her of her child’s son, she bought him up with so much difficult not for Chanda to destroy everything. Shamsher and Arjun says earlier she had 1 tiger and now she has 2 tigers, Shamsher and Arjun, she should agree their request now. Bhavri says if everyone want this, she accept their request. Veer fumes in anger. Shamsher and Arjun run out to inform surgeon.

Maama asks Veer to kill Aradhya. Veer says people come to policeman to protect themselves and they want policeman to become a murderer. Bhavri says what she can do, Aradhya is troubling her so much and she is helpless. He wanted to become a family and should prove his duty. Mama says now jiji called him family and he should be happy. Veer says if she has called him family, he will fulfill his duty.

Aradhya goes to patient’s room and gets angry seeing Arjun on bed. She asks him to stop joking and go from there. He tries to speak. She says just go. He says fine and leaves sadly. She then gets emotional hugging Arjun’s gifted roses.

Aradhya comes out of hospital and walks towards her car. Veer orders his henchman to shoot her and tells mama and Shamsher to see how she dies. Arjun comes near Aradhya and she starts fighting with him. He stands in front of her blocking henchman’s target.

Precap: Pandit checks Bhavri’s kundali and tells one of her family member will die in 72 hours.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think Arjun’s story is going to over

  2. I like today episode
    I like the brothers argument and love
    It’s awesome
    I love shamshare in imotional , love avatar
    He is looking so cute
    But I don’t like his angry and grumpy face character

  3. I hope without villon’s they will not kill any other characters
    Please don’t kill the heroes ?

  4. Arjun should not die as he is the hero

  5. Assia n Madhu, PR me kuch bhi ho skta h.yhan to leads ko mar kr villans ko zinda rkha jata h.consumation k 6,7 mhine baad pregnancy k sign dikha jate h.yhan kuch v ho skta h.

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