Piya Rangrezz 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya gets angry seeing papers instead of money in a bag and tells Sher even his wife has started tricking like him. Sher says his team whom he degraded planned this and says he will send his money tomorrow. Aditya gets more angry.

Sumer with Sunehri and gajra follows Sher and asks him to patch up with Shraddha. He leaves ignoring them. Sunehri suggests Shraddha to go and personally convince Sher. She follows him till his jeep and apologizes by holding her ears. He leaves in his jeep.

Bhavri tensely gulps alcohol pegs by pegs. Aditya enters and she shouts that because of him, Sher got cement. He asks her to wait and watch. She asks till Sher constructs bridge. He says he has planned well and asks her to wait for the right time.

Sher in his room scolds himself that he

cannot forgive his innocent wife and is a duffer. He continues yelling at himself and then goes out near his jeep and calls Shraddha. She picks and asks if he is out of network. He cuts call and SMSes to meet him after 30 min.

Bhavri opens her money safe ordering Maama to give money to some Sharma. She is shocked to see whole safe empty and asks maama where is money. He says he does not know. Vikas comes telling he loaded alcohol truck. Bhavri asks him where is the money. He asks which money. She says he came here last night. Maama starts beating him and asks how did he buy new shoes. Vikas says he saved for it and did not steal. Bhavri asks mama to kick him out of here. Mama says he is his son and cannot. Bhavri asks him also to get out. Maams kicks Vikas to the floor and Bhavri asks him not to come back again. Vikas feels dejected.

Shraddha reaches Sher’s called place and hears Hame tumse pyaar kitna…song plays in the background and roses all around. Sher comes in front of her and Shraddha asks how does he know she likes this song and flowers. He says he read her diary. She gets shy and turns. He says he read one more thing in diary. She gets more shy. He makes her sit on chair and serves her ginger tea saying he knows she likes it. She tastes it and he asks how is it. She laughs and he also laughs. Their romance continues and he extends his lips to kiss her.

Precap: Sher taunts Bhavri that her loyal dog Vikas is his manager now. Bhavri says Vikas will show his true colors and will bite him. Sher says she forgot enemy’s enemy is a friend.

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