Piya Rangrezz 31st December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Bhavri asks mama to stop car at flower shop and bring a nice bouquet. Mama gets down and buys bouquet. They then reach hospital. Aradhya asks why did they bring her to hospital. Bhavri says her dad is sleeping on bed here. Aradhya gets nervous. Mama says it is tit for tat. Aradhya runs into hospital. Bhavri says girl is dying for father, but father does not care about her at all. Mama says he did not understand. Bhavri says he is on dead bed but is worried about his business instead of daughter.

Aradhya enters Tilakraj’s room, sees him on bed with oxygen mask and asks doc what happened to her father, she is also a doc. He says he got internal injuries. She writes some tests and asks doc to get it done. Tilakraj asks her how did he get out of Bhavri’s trap.

Bhavri enters and says nobody can escape from her trap. He shouts why did she come in and asks doc to get her out. Doc silently leaves and even his sister. Bhavri says he tried to spit on sky and it fell on himself. She has change her plan, will crush him under his feet and enjoy his shout. Aradhya says this is hosptal and she should go and let her dad rest. Bhavri says she would have taken his car instead of daughter, what kind of father he is to ignore his daughter for wealth. Tilakraj claps and says her dialogue delivery is good, he will get her do mujra. She says he should learn clapping as he will beg soon. She then leaves with mama.

Aradhya says Tilakraj that she does not like someone talking to him like this and he should pay heed on bhavri’s words. She says she will go home and will take car. He holds her hand. She says she will send aunt in and leaves. He gets angry that she took his car.

Mama while driving car says she should have attacked on Tilakraj’s wealth than his daughter and says she would have kept girl hostage for some more time. He further says why did she tarnish Arjun’s image in front of girl. She says he is so old but does not have brains. Shamsher calls and says he was going to hospital, where is she. She says she left hospital and is going home, they will meet at home now. He says okay.

Servants serve food to Arjun and he prepares thali himself. Servant says if he has to eat food at room, she would have served it at his room. He says he will have food on table and leaves. She follows him and asks where is he taking food then. He says Aradhya, then says she left, murmurs nervously that she left and leaves giving her thali.

Aradhya’s friend comes with bouquet to meet her. She hugs her happily and says she was missing this house and her. Friend asks how is Bhavri and her handsome grandsons. Aradhya says she was kidnapped and did not go on picnic. Friend asks how are Shamsher and Arjun. Aradhya says Shamsher is not worth talking and Arjun is so so. Friend jokes why is she blushing then. Aradhya says nothing. Aunt listens to their conversation.

Aunt informs Tilakraj that Aradhya has fallen for Arjun. Tilakraj smiles and says this is a good news, it will be Bhavri’s destroyal path, he will get well soon now.

Munmun describes Bhavri how Arjun and Aradhya were staring each other and were peeping at each other with each chance. Bhavri shouts to shut up and if she does not control next time, she will kick her out.

Precap: Mama says Bhavri that Munmun was just joking. Bhavri says Munmun was not joking and she saw pink air in this house, so she sent Aradhya out. Mama says everything is not in our control, when vishwamitra did not escape from women, then who are Arjun and Shamsher. Bhavri says she will kill that girl.

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