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Aditya tells Bhavri that he is a conman who thugs lonely women like her whose strive for love and whose children don’t listen to them. He gives them love and takes everything from them. He is an artist who takes smile and she should never try to go against him, else it will take just 2 min for him to spoil her life. He asks she has to decide if she needs money or her son. Bhavri is shocked and holds his collar. He asks her to leave his collar, if she gets him money, he will gift her collar like this. She has to inform her where is her black money, else her men will inform Sher about her true colors.

Sher wakes up unable to bear pain and tries to call Shraddha, but stops and calls Sumer. Chanda comes and says Sumer is downstairs, so he may not listen him. If he needs anything,

she will bring it. He walks towards window. She sees blood stains on his shirt and on bed. He peeps from window and sees Shraddha still standing outside sneezing and asks Chanda to tell Shraddha that her today’s punishment is finished. Chanda says Bhavri will feel bad if she sees his injuries, so she will bring lep/herbal paste. He agrees and says let us see if her lep will help his pain. He then closes window and sits on his bed.

Bhavri agrees to give her property to Aditya. Mama asks not to get afraid, Aditya will not do anything. Aditya asks if he has taken contract to put his sister into trouble and says BD know s her condition. Bhavri says she needs some time to transfer her property into his name and explain Sher. He says she has 1 week and asks her to bring 8-10 crores cash first. Bhavri widens her eyes in shock. Aditya leaves smiling.

Mama tells Bhavri that bhanjaji used to call Aditya rightly as bawra billa, he is a big thug. She says he brought him and she has to see this day. She does not need his help now. He says that laundiya/Shraddha is not seen and Sher must have spared her. Bhavri calls lalla, sher. Gajra, Vikas, Sunehri come out. She yells at them. Sumer comes speaking over phone. She yells at him and asks him to bring Sher. He leaves. She asks Gajra where is her madamji. Gajra says she is in room and is having high fever. Bhavri asks if she called doc. Gajra says she gave her medicine. Bhavri says she has brought ram baan ilaaj/sure shot medicine for her and asks to call her. She then sits on sofa and asks Chanda to sit next to her.

Sher walks in to meet Bhavri and fumes seeing Shraddha coming from her room. Vikas says sher bhaiya came. Bhavri asks him to sit and says she finished one important work today. Shraddha comes. Bhavri asks her to stand aside and starts yelling on her. She then says she must be confused why is Chanda sitting next to her, Chanda is her would be bahu and should sit next to her with due respect. She continues that Shraddha does not have to stay here for 6 months and can go in 15 days as she has fixed Sher and Chanda’s marriage after 15 days. Vikas claps happily. Chanda surpringly looks at Shradda. She shows marriage card.

Sher says when he has agreed to marry, then why she wants to distribute cards and they cannot disobey court’s order. She gives him divorce papers and says he married 6 months ago on 25th and she filed 26th divorce papers, so he will get divorce soon and will marry in a lavish way. She asks munna and others to start arrangements and buy whole city’s crackers as she wants to make lalla’s marriage a lavish affair.

Precap: Sher holds Shraddha and says in 6 days he will remarry, then her fake tears will not work on him.

Update Credit to: MA

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  2. veeryyyyy rude, Sher. you know your mom ‘s habit but ferbhi Tom shading karreheho.

  3. If there is chanda for sher than there should be some other pair for sharddha thats why sher could feel more jealous upon shardhaa and his pair.please make it like it.Then it would be good and lovely

  4. If there is chanda for sher than there should be some other pair for sharddha’ thats why sher could feel more jealous upon shardhaa and his pair.please make it like it.Then it would be good and lovely

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