Piya Rangrezz 30th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 30th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shraddha passes by Chanda’s room and hears her singing sajnahai mujhe..song. She peeps from door and sees chanda talking like a schizophrenic to Sher’s pic that it will be only her and Sher tonight and if Sher goes back to Shraddha, she will not tolerate it. She continues talking and turns back to see door half open. She comes out to check. Shraddha hides behind furniture. Chanda then goes back and closes door. Shraddha silently runs back to her room.

Chanda searches her pills nervously and pops in one to relax herself.

Shraddha runs back to he room and reminisces Chanda’s schizophrenic tone and thinks why is Chanda doing this, she is confused.

Inebriated Bhavri sadly tells munna mama that her son does not trust her. Mama asks not to take tension, everything

will be fine. Bhavri says Sher just married Chanda as a ritual and does not love her. Servant brings bouquet and gift and says thakur saheb sent it for choti thakurayan. Mama says this is just the beginning. Bhavri callsChanda and says sher sent her gift. Chanda checks gift and says it is very beautiful. Bhavri says in 26 years, her lalla did not give her any gift, but he gave Chanda in a week, what magic did chanda do. Chanda says she is just following her. Bhavri says nobody disobeys, even she should not and asks to keep back gift and go. Chanda says as she wishes and keeps gift box. Bhavri says she was just joking, she obeyed her and made her happy. She can go now and lure her lalla. Chanda picks gift box and touches mama’s feet. Mama emotionally gives her money. He then says bhavri that first time someone thought he is worth. Chanda gets into car and leaves.

Bhavri calls Shraddha and taunts that Chanda obeys her so much and is opposite to Shraddha, etc..etc.. and continues.

Chanda reaches restaurant. Manager greets her in and says thakur saheb must be reaching any time.

Inebriated Vikas starts badmouthing Shraddha in front of Sumer and praises Chanda. Sumer gets angry and holds his collar and asks if he knows what he is telling. Vikas starts again that he does not know what Shraddha is. Sumer says he knows what Shraddha bhabhi is and shraddha does not need his certificate. Vikas says he knows Shraddha well and starts bad words. Sumer says he does not know what all Shraddha did for bhaiya ji. Vikas breaks bottle on Sumer’s head.

Chanda waits for sher at a restaurant. Sher comes wearing blazer and says he does not come late purposefully. She says it is okay. He starts dancing with her on Kuch na kaho….song… Chanda then realizes that it was her imagination.

Precap: Chanda tries to stab Shraddha and says she will not let her child come into this world.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. how boring!!!!!! really ….. the story of angle. is tooo much best than this story …….

    1. Thnk u soo much aysha

  2. Bakwsssssss

  3. Oh god…. How much drama…. I wish they brought in some twist like angel posted…i really hope it happens like that…i really liked ur post angel…good job:)

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