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Sher tells Bhavri that since he gain consciousness, he remembered her birthday, but today he forgot.. Bhavri says it happens as she is not the only woman in his life, now he has to remember engagement day, marriage day, birthday, etc…, so she has forgiven him. He takes out gift and says he tried to save it a lot but could not due to rain. She accepts gift and says he could not save gift, at least he should try to save their relationship as he cannot buy it. She asks him to go and change, else he will get cold and fever. Tears roll down Sher’s cheeks while he sees his amma walking from there. Shraddha takes him home.

Sumer informs shraddha that bhaiyyaji is tensed as they could not get cement on time due to lack of money. Shraddha bundles all her jewelry in a cloth and tells

Sunehri that all her jewelry is waste except her mangalsutra. She walks out with bundle and clashes with Aditya. Aditya asks where is she going at this time. She says to sell jewelry as he has held Sher’s cement consignment forcefully and is using his money to defeat Sher who is alone without any weapon. She hands him bundle and asks him to sell it and she will clear rest of money in the morning. Aditya calls his manager and orders him to deliver cement to Sher’s construction by morning on market rate. He then tells Shraddha that he does not fight with weaponless person and has given a chance to sher to get up and fight again. Shraddha thanks him and gets in.

Sher comes home and yells at Aditya that he saw his paunti/inauspicious face before enter home itself. Aditya says it is like helping someone and getting scolded instead. Sher asks what does he mean. He says he does not mix professional and personal life, he saw his wife going to sell jewelry, so he decided to return cement on market rate, he should thank his wife and says he is giving him last chance on his wife’s request, next time he will defeat again. Sher fumes.

Sunehri and Sunehri praise Shraddha for handling issue so well. Sher enters. Sumer tries to speak. Sunehri asks him to let Shraddha tell him good news and leaves signaling her to speak. Sher locks door and thanks her for helping him and also showing him the reality. She proved that he has to beg if he wants to follow path of truth. She tries to speak. He says he has not finished yet and asks why did she do that, if she wanted him to do what she says, he would have done so, why did she pretend to be so good. He asks if she spoke to Aditya. She says yes. He asks why did she do it. Why she feels he is incompetent now and is forcing him to hold gun again.. He continues yelling that she made him bend in front of joker Aditya.. Bhavri hears their fight and smirks. Aditya also hears their fight.

Bhavri and Aditya enjoy alcohol. Aditya says she must have enjoyed her birthday gift. She says she loved it and was not this happy when she was born than seeing Sher and Shraddha fighting. He says he is happy seeing her happy. She asks him not to get too much happy as he gave cement to Sher and his work will restart. Soon husband and wife will reunite. Aditya says he is using divide and rule and enjoying it. He says he also needs a bit of happiness. bhavri asks what will he do with just a bit of happiness. Aditya says she is his happiness. Her smile vanishes hearing this.

Precap: Sher continues blaming Shraddha that she forced him to bend in ront of Aditya and now nobody can stop him from doing mistakes.

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