Piya Rangrezz 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aradhya tells Bhavri that she cannot see fear in her eyes as she should first see lust in her grandson’s eyes, she may get back liquor contract in exchange, but what about her upbringing to her grandchildren. Munmun scolds and takes her in. Bhavri asks mama to send Shamsher to her room once he returns.

Shamsher comes home and goes to Bhavri’s room. Bhavri asks to come and sit and gives his favorite dish. He says she has to feed him from her hand as he did not wash hands. She feeds him and he likes it. She then says Aradhya told he tried to molest her. He changes words and says Tilakraj’s dogs told she is angry on him. She says she cannot get angry on him at all. He says he has to use power to control Aradhya. She says her grandson is tiger and will roar sometimes.

He says he will take revenge from Tilakraj soon and leaves.

Arjun stops Shamsher and asks why did he misbehave with Aradhya. Shamsher says he did not. Arjun asks then why was he staring at her. He says he was just trying to frighten her. Arjun says he knows he cannot see wrong. Shamsher relaxes and asks him to go and have Bhavri’s prepared dish and leaves.

Servant informs Arjun that Aradhya did not have food. He takes plate to Aradhya’s room and says he knows Shamsher cannot misbehave with any girl and leaves asking her to finish food. She throws food in dustbin.

Tilakraj jogs in the morning with his guards. One of them gets a call and informs him that Shamsher is alone on highway. Tilakraj laughs and asks if info is true. Guard says his man cannot be wrong. Tilakraj goes on highway with his men and sees Shamsher singing on his jeep’s bonnet. He kills Tilakraj’s 3 guards and says his plan went in vain. Tilakraj runs. Shamsher drives his jeeps behind him. Tilakraj gets tired and stops. Shamsher’s men surround him. Shamsher delivers heavy dialogues and reminisces sending his men away for some time. Tilakraj shouts to tell Bhavri that her days are finished. Shamsher shamshes him with his car and he dies falling on stone. Shamsher reminisces Bhavri ordering him not to kill Tilakraj and apologizes Bhavri that he could not obey her order.

Munmun comes to Aradhya’s room and says she is free now. Aradhya is shocked and walks out of room. Bhavri says she can go home. Aradhya says she is joking. Bhavri says she bought some item and did not like it, so she is returning. Arjun comes running and asks why is she freeing Aradhya. Bhavri says she is fulfilling his wish and says Aradhya let us go. Aradhya looks at Arjun and walks out.

Bhavri asks Aradhya to get into car. She looks at Arjun who stands in balcony and gets into car. Bhavri looks at Arjun via car mirror and gets into car. She taunts that one more fell for Arjun. Mama says she is right. Bhavri says her Arjun is so smart that many girls fall for him. She suggest Aradhya not to get into Arjun’s love, else she will repent. Mama drives car.

Arjun gets sad seeing Aradhya leaving. Munmun jokes if he lost something. He says he is not in a mood of joking. She says if she should kidnap girl. He says he will break her hands. She smiles and leaves.

Aradhya sees Bhavri’s car going in different direction than her home and asks where is she taking her. Bhavri says she will not drop her midway.

Precap: Aradhya escapes in Bhavri’s car. Sher stops her on his bike and says cat cannot escape from tiger.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This serial is actually show the whole women community in low light lyk bhavri treating aradhya as a commodity…

  2. this serial is going from bad to worse but shamsher is looking very hot

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