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Bhavri smiles looking at alcohol and says it can change anyone’s life. Aditya enters her room and she asks why did he come here. He says they are married and nobody can separate them. She says she has throw out her heart before she started liquor business and nobody can enter it. Aditya gives her gift and says this is her first night gift after marriage and she cannot deny it. She throws it and asks him not to try coming closer to her, else she will shoot him. He says he will go out of her room but not her house, in her language he will sit in her heart soon.

Bhavri does not get sleep till midnight and changes her positions on bed. She looks at liquor bottle and gets up. She then sees a shadow resembling Shraddha carrying milk to her room and angrily enters her room. Shradha

is busy watching her and Sher’s pic and asks how come she is here at midnight, if she needs anything. Bhavri asks her to stop acting and says if she is destroyed, she will be benefited more. Shradha says she is part of her family, then why will she destroy her. Bhavri asks her to show her acting to Sher. Shraddha says she did not send those pics. Bhavri says she wanted to even join her business, but it was her drama. She asks her if she will leave Sher permanently. Shraddha gets tensed. Bhavri says she will not and says she should pass her final exam and gives her gun to shoot someone. Shraddha gets more tensed. Bhavri says if she does not want to go back to her parent’s house, she should shoot someone. By morning, she has 2 choices, either to kill someone or leave gun and walk with her bags.

In the morning, Shraddha prepares breakfast thinking about Bhavri’s words and drops vegetables into dustbin instead. She adds oil in utensil and forgets and utensil catches fire. Gajra sees that and removes utensil on time. Sumer enters and says a gang war has started, then says in his stomach and asks her to give him breakfast soon. He says sher may not come for breakfast. Shraddha calls Sher, but his number is out of reach.

Shraddha walks towards room to call Sher for breakfast. Bhavri catches her on stairs and she slips. Bhavri holds her and asks what she has decided, to hold gun or not. Mama says she will not hold gun and has failed. Bhavri says she should pack her bags and leave then. Shraddha stands silently. Mama asks Bhavri to give him 15 min, he will pack Shradha’s bags and drop her to her parent’s house. Bhavri says she will give 15 min to Shraddha to decide and walks out with mama.

Shraddha tries Sher’s number thinking she has to inform Sher and has no other go, but Sher’s number is out of reach. Sumer asks her to tell why i she tensed. Gajra also insists. Shraddha tells them about Bhavri’s challenge and says she has to reach house’s backyard in 15 minutes, she cannot shoot. Once she held Sher’s gun and he got angry. She told Sher to go on a path of truth, but if she holds gun, Sher will not keep quiet. She has to find Sher and inform him about this. Sumer says there is no time for finding Sher and says Sher has grown up in this violent enviroment and will adjust. She asks what she should do then. He says she has to shoot to save her relationship and get Sher out of this hell and does not have any other option. She has to reach backyard in 2 min, else she will lose her challenge. Shraddha gets tensed.

Precap: Shraddha tells Bhavri that she is ready to shoot bullet. Bhavri says she will shoot at 10 p.m. but will not know whom she will shoot.

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  1. This was my very show when it started because of its unique story but every since they have brought adithya character it I found it disgusting come on she is his mother’s age. It is disgusting. And every since adi married BD the whole story is ruined so I’ve stopped watching it. Coz it is stupid and just a waste of time.

  2. I agree. The last I watched was when Aditya moved into that house. Haven’t watched a single episode since then.

  3. I think aditya character ruined the serial. Every time I see BD with aditya I just hate it bcoz it’s horrible.

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