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Shamsher angrily carries his box. Bhavri smirks and thinks she just changed box’s place, Shamsher will change its destiny, now Aradhya will be punished. Shamsher sees Aradhya with her friends and reminisces her holding him and thinks he cannot love Aradhya. He starts shouting how dare she is to change her box’s place and warns her not to touch his personal things, else he will kick her out of house. Aradhya looks at him in a shock while Bhavri smirks standing aside.

Aradhya goes to her room and reminisces Shamsher’s change in behavior. She thinks when she did not change box, then how did it come in store room. Sh realizes aji amma did it and knows there is something in box which Shamsher will not tolerate if touched. She goes to terrace and asks Shamsher how can

he shout at her without listening to her. He asks her to get out and holds gun on her. She says he can kill her but should listen to her first. Mama comes and pushes Shamsher away. Shamsher leaves with box. Munmun thinks daddu saved Aradhya’s head and thinks what must be in box. Munna comes in. Munmun says if they reunite Shamsher and Aradhya and make them real couple, aji bua will burn in anger and Arjun will try to kill Shamsher, then aji bua will suffer. He says she is right.

Aradhya stands in balcony and cries thinking how can Shamsher misbehave so much. Naani sees her and thinks maybe she wants to stay alone for sometime now. Shamsher looks at empty alcohol bottles and reminisces Aradhya throwing alcohol and then reminisces Bhavri’s words. He thinks he does not love Aradhya, how dare she is to touch his box. Anjali meets Aradhya and asks if she is fine. Aradhya asks how can Shamsher misbehave with her and says yesterday he asked her to share his cupboard and today he is shouting on he, she does not know where the box was and who changed its place, what is in that box. Anjali says she will ask aji amma. Aradhya says no, she will herself find out what is in the box.

Shamsher goes to his godown. His workers come. He asks who buys his liquor, it is not powerful at all.

In the morning, Anjali tells Aradhya that she was tensed unncessarily, Shamsher slept whole night in godown. Aradhya says she had to as he was missing from home whole night. Anjali says Shamsher has a cupboard in godown and keeps his personal things there, she should go and check it in lieu of taking food for him. Aradhya takes food for Shamsher and asks worker where is thakur saheb. Worker says he is not here. Aradhya silently enters and searches cupboard’s key. Water pot falls and breaks. She finds key in it and searches cupboard and thinks she should talk to Shamsher directly. She asks workers if they know where is thakur saheb. They stand silently. She says he is unwell and sought medicine, she will tell nobody gave his address. Worker says after lunch, he goes to a hut and does not let anyone disturb him. Aradhya walks towards hut thinking what is in this hut that Shamsher is hiding. She enters hut and looks around. She finds dupatta on floor. Shamsher comes and drags her by neck and asks if she is spying on her. She asks him to leave her, it is paining. He sees dupatta and asks how dare she is to touch her dupatta. She asks if he has a girl in his life. He says yes and it is none of her business. She asks if he is drunk. He says yes and he is not a good man and does not want to, she should not dare come here again. Aradhya walks away.

Precap: Shamsher opens box and throws letters. Aradhya thinks she loves Shamsher and does not know from when.

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