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Aradhya cries after doing Tilakraj’s last rights. Aunt asks her not to cry, everything will be alright soon. Aradhya says she cannot accept Shamsher as her husband and don’t know why dad took promise to accept Shamsher. Aunt says there must be a reason behind it, else why would brother say that and soon she will realize the reason. Aradhya says Arjun killed her dad, then how can she accept his family. Aunt says brother used to think wisely and if he has accepted Shamsher, there must be a big reason. Aradhya says she hates Shamsher. Aunt says it was brother’s last wish and she has to fulfill it for his soul’s peace. She says she will leave now and asks her to call her when needed. Aradhya thinks she has to stay here and finish her unfinished work.

Shamsher comes

to Bhavri’s room and asks if she is fine. She says yes. Doc says Shamsher he needs to talk. Bhavri says she is alive and he can speak in front of her. Veer thinks rope burnt, but strength is intact. Doc says whole Azamgarh knows of her courage, but her wounds are still raw and she needs to take complete bed rest, else wounds will get infected and poisonous. Shamsher shouts at doc that he will take care of aji amma. Bhavri says weapons from grocery bags got missing and only family members knew about it, he should find out who the culprit is. Shamsher says he will, she should not worry. Mama walks out. Bhavri asks what happened. Munmun says daddu is feeling guilty for not being with her jiju in need and even Shamsher alleged him. Bhavri says she trusts her brother and asks Shamsher to find out Chanda soon, she wants to shoot her head. Veer fumes hearing this and cuts his hand with scalpel. Shamsher says Bhavri he will find out real culprits soon. Veer angrily looks at Bhavri and leaves.

Munna mama looks at Manohar’s pic and cries. Munmun enters and asks why did he come out like that, everyone will doubt that they are behind this mishap. Munna says let them know, he feels to leave this house as he has to see Shamsher’s face daily. Munmun says they will stay in this house and wait until Shamsher dies. He gave his whole life to aji bua, but she gave him insult and grandson’s death, when she had to support him, she supported Shamsher instead, it is time now to take revenge. She continues venting her anger.

Aradhya walks on street with her bag reminiscing aunt’s words. Four goons on bike start misbehaving with her and taunting that she is the one whom Shamsher ditched after suhagraat. She tries to run,but they hold her hand and say it is their turn now to enjoy her. She pleads to leave her. Munna comes and beats goons and asks if they need more. They all run away. Aradhya thanks her. Munna says he knows what happened to her, Arjun killed her father and Shamsher crossed his limits, even he has granddaughter and can understand what she is going through. Whenever she needs his help, she should not hesitate. The continue talking and Munna calls her bahu and asks where to leave her. She says he is calling her bahu and is asking where to leave, he should leave her in her sasural. Munna reminisces Munmun telling they have to get Aradhya in this house and let both brothers fight, then they can rule over this place. Mama says her that first he has to convince Aradhya and then jiji. Mama drops her near home. She enters main gate. Shamsher is surprised to see her and shouts to stop. She continues walking. He comes down and shouts how dare she is to come to his house. She says he gave her right and made her his wife.

Precap: Bhavri tells Aradhya that dad shot bullet and daughter wants right, she took a nice revenge. Aradhya requests her to forget everything and accept her as bahu.

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