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Shraddha sees Virat is staring at her standing at door while she cleaning herself. She corrects herself. He comes in and tries to touch her. She asks why did he come. He says Sher and Bhavri knows about his investigation and he went to Saurav’s house to kill him. she asks him what to do now. She asks her to accompany him and extends his hand. She remembers Sher’s words that clap cannot happen with one hand, so she backs her hand off. Virat says he knows Sher does not like her meeting him, but she has to accompany him to stop Sher from killing Virat. She reminisces her brother and agrees to accompany him. Virat gets happy and walks with her.

He then holds her hand and pulls her. He shows Bhavri’s puppet servant walking around. Once she leaves, they both walk again.

Gajra sees Gajra cleaning plates and says she should inform her. Virat says she should not and tab kes her with him. aShraddha sees Bhavri in balcony and hides. Virat signals her to come, but she points at Bhavri. Once she goes in, they both get into car and leave. Bhavri sees that.

At night, Sher reaches Saurav’s village and asks Sumer to wait near jeep while he comes back. Shraddha on the other side says Virat that Sher must have already reached Saurav’s place. He asks her not to worry and smirks. Sher reaches Saurav’s house and asks him and his mom who were threatening them. Mom apologizes him and says goons asked to call him here. Just then, Pandey reaches with his armed men. Sher sees his gun missing. Pandey says even kittens are trying to act as tigers now.

Virat stops car in between and tells Shraddha that his officer is waiting him here. He meets officer who says Sher has reached there and even Pandey with his men. Virat says Sher will be killed by Pandey now and he will get Shraddha. Officer gives him money back and he gets into car. Shraddha sees Phoolganj route on the other side and asks where is he taking her when Phoolganj is on opposite side. He says when phool/she is with here, there is no need for phoolganj. He expresses his love for her and says he will keep her very happy, which Sher cannot. He says he fell in love when he saw her first time and says Sher is trying to search her brother, but he benefitted from it instead. He says this is our destiny. She says he is doing wrong. He says when she is with her, everything is good and says everthing is fair in love and war.

Pandey tells Sher that he will kill him because of 2 most important women of his life, one is his mom bhavri devi and another is his wife Shraddha. Sher is shocked to hear Shraddha’s name.

Bhavri enters her room angrily she gets a call from some and acts as surprised.

Pandey says Sher he knows he must be thinking how can his most loved women be reason for his killing. He continues he wants him to die a suspense/unsatisfied death. Sher picks wooden plank and beats all goons. Pandey holds gun on Saurav. Sher surrenders. Pandey asks his goons to beat him till he is half dead and then push his body in lake, he will see how Bhavri will perform her son’s last rights without dead body.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: MA

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