Piya Rangrezz 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Piya Rangrezz 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Veer stands in rain outside Aradhya’s home and insists her to come out and meet. She says she will not come. He disconnnects call and stands waiting for her. She gets emotional but thinks she has to be strong for their better future. She switches off bedlight and sleeps on bed looking at window and seeing him standing. She then turns and reminisces Arjun’s love andconcern for her. She wakes up in the morning, remembers Arjun and rushes to window to see him still waiting for her. She runs out and asks him to come in and forcefully takes him and then brings towel for him. She dries her head and says he is made and would have got hypothermia, pneumonia, etc. She touches her skin and says he has fever, she warned him to go home. He asks why is she worried about him when she did

not want to talk to him. He will either get ill or will die. She slaps him and shouts stop it. He asks why should he stop it, why don’t she express her feelings. She says she does not have emotions or feelings for him, they just cut cake together and nothing else. He holds her and asks her to see in his eyes and tell there is nothing between them. She says their families will not agree. He asks if aji amma or bhai told her something. She nervously says nobody told anything and he should go from here, it is her decision.

Her aunt comes and says she will tell what happened. Aradhya asks her not to tell anything and to go in. Aunt says why should not she, she and bhai warned her not to befriend with Arjun, but she did not listen. Arjun asks her to speak. Aunt tells him manipulated story.

Veer gets a call from his assistant that Arjun went out of Aradhya’s home angrily, he must have got news about Shamsher’s fake medicine scam. He asks inspectors to prepared accused list and leaves.

Arjun enters home angrily and asks Shamsher why is he interfering in his personal life. Shamsher says he has to use his way for the family. He explained him and even his girlfriend, but they did not listen. He told Aradhya if she does not break up with Arjun, he will show her what else he can do. Arjun holds Shamsher’s collar. Veer enters and says brothers should not fight. Arjun shouts Shamsher is not his brother. Shamsher this is the last thing he had to hear from his brother. Veer provokes them to fight if they are not brothers. They both pick guns and point at each other. Veer thinks his problem will be finished without doing anything.

Bhavri enters and says bullet does not know any relationship, now people will laugh at her that she does not have son and even grandsons’ love in her life. They made her lawaris now and she will die an unknown life on road. She continues. Arjun says aji amma but… She stops him and says they both lost right of calling her aji amma.

Veer plays guitar in his home. Chanda praises his skills and says she gets happy seeing him happy. Veer says he enjoyed seeing Bhavri devi helpless today. Yesterday, she saw Bhavri’s exerternal wound and today he saw her internal wound. Soon he will see Bhavri dying and will play guitar till his fingers bleed.

Mama asks Bhavri to have food and asks what will her grandsons feel seeing her like this. She says when her mind is so unwell, why what will she do having food. Mama says he feels some outsider is trying to shatter her family. He explains that Shamsher loves Arjun so much and Arjun is so loyal and does not like voilence, then how did they hold gun against each other. Earlier, there was Chanda’s news on newspaper and then Chanda came to meet her. Bhavri says he means Chanda gave guns to Arjun and Shamsher and says she does not believe this and asks him to go and rest now.

Mama goes to Arjun’s room and asks him to go and apologize Shamsher. Arjun says Arjun has become beast and stooped so low, so he will not apologize. Mama says he brought them up since childhood and knows each of their nature. When Shamsher used to sit on his back, he used to hold his collar tightly and when Arjun used to sit, he used to be very gentle. Though Shamsher is very daring and arrogant, he loves Arjun and whole family a lot. Arjun says even then he will not. Mama says Shamsher is 2 minutes elder to him and he should respect at least that and apologize him.

Precap: Bhavri tells that 20 years ago Chanda destroyed and she could not do anything, this time Aradhya is trying to destroy her family and should die. Her shooter targets gun on Aradhya.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow what a emotional fight

  2. ???
    I love shamshare (gurave s bajaj) too much
    He is looking so cute in emotional acting ???????

  3. Hi ! I thought it could be worse because of yesterday’episode but i was surprised by today’s epi 🙂 as you said Assia it was very emotional …

  4. Bhavri Devi’s characters is also very well played by Narayani Shastri … It looks so natural for her to play this character… 🙂

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