Piya Rangrezz 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Piya Rangrezz 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri wakes up and sees herself tied to a chair in a godown. She tries to free her hands unsuccessfully. Chanda comes in front of her and says she thought she would be unconscious for some more time, but she woke up early, chloroform did not work properly. Bhavri asks how dare she is to stand in front of her after attacking her. Chanda says she loves her son. Bhavri asks not to take her son’s name from her dirty tongue and says she made a mistake by trusting her. She sow babool and expected flowers instead of thorn. Chanda says she is not babool but a woman who loves her son. Her son does not believe her and believes Shraddha either. Bhavri silently frees her hand while talking and says she did not trust Shraddha and made a mistake. She suddenly gets up and throws stone on Chanda’s

forehead. Chanda falls down. Bhavri says she will repent and walks out. Chanda comes back, hits her head with rod and ties her back to chair with steel chain.

Sher while searching Bhavri on his jeap calls Sumer and tells he will spend money like water to find amma and asks to send all his men all over the city.

Bhavri tells Chanda that she will torture her with electric shock soon. Chanda gets panic attack and leaves to market to get her medicine. She walks on street and sees Sher coming on his jeep. Sher stops for a moment and then leaves again. A truck comes speeding and pushes Sher’s car from cliff. People discuss it is thakur saheb’s accident and he is not breathing at all and run for his help. Chanda hears their conversation and cries that thakur saheb cannot leave her alone. She runs on road towards accident spot reminiscing people’s talk and sees Sher standing in front of her. She tries to run and sees Sher standing on all 4 sides. Sher says because of her, he killed himself. He then wipes her sindhoor, breaks her mangalsutra and says she will live alone in this world. She shouts and then realizes it was just her imagination.

Chanda raches godown back and sits in a corner sadly. Bhavri looks at her and asks what happened, if she saw Sher outside as he will definitely come to save his amma. Chanda sits silently. Bhavri says her men are roaming all around and will catch her soon. Chanda says thakur saheb met with an accident. Bhavri asks what rubbish she is talking. Chanda says she is telling truth. Bhavri says she is lying and shouts to free her. Chanda says Sher was searching her in a jeep and a truck pushed his jeep from cliff. People were talking that he was not breathing. Bhavri shouts if something happens to Sher, she will kill her. Chanda says nothing will happen to thakur saheb, she will go and save him. She leaves murmuring.. Bhavri shouts to free her..

Chanda reaches Bhavri’s haveli and sees reporters reporting that thakurayan Bhavri’s son bahubali Sher is dead and bhavri’s era has come to an end. It is said that Sher’s second wife Chanda is behind all this. Ambulance comes. Vikas and Sumer bring out Sher’s dead body and take it into home while people chant thakur sher singh ji amar rahe. Chanda gets panic attack again.

Sumer and Vikas take Sher’s dead body and keep it in lawn. Shraddha comes running and is shocked to see Sher’s deadbody. She cries vigorously and asks him to get up. Mama says he will not get up again, what will he tell his jiji now, he could not save his bhanjaji in jiji’s absence. Chanda watches standing near door and says she will not let thakur saheb away from her.

Precap: Mama addresses Chanda on live camera that he will make her beg for life now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Is sher really dead or is it fake? So chandas imagination came true then well this it I will not watch it no more, can’t bare pain even though it’s not real.

  2. Sorry guys I wrote wrong comment for wrong program yesterday.

  3. Uhhhh? What?? Is it all imagination? How can they kill lead character? Or is he gonna wake up lol

  4. Friends i read somwhere that sher is acting.

  5. Kiya sher sach me marr gaiya hai ya chanda ko pakerne ke liye drama ker raha hai

  6. no he isnt dead he is just faking it just search sher dead in piya rangrezz on google and you will find the spoilers and what really happened.

  7. Sher is not dead i suppose.. he is faking..
    Becoz guyz did u notice that wen shers dead body is brought to home saying he died on an accident there was not a single kharoch in his body..
    Bt i din understand hw media gt dis nws??
    Anyways ts fake.. happy fr dis..
    May be he z enacting so that he can bring chanda out frm her hiding place..

  8. Guyz lemme post dis nws abt prank..
    Thnks fr yo..

    The upcoming sequence on Life OK’s Piya Rangrezz will showcase some light entertainment amidst the high peak drama that the show has been offering of late.

    Sher (Gaurav S Bajaj) will be seen engaging in a fun moment where in an attempt to scare his family, he will act dead by lying down on the floor. Just when all will be worried about what happened to him and will reason with themselves, Sher will open up about his prank.

    An actor on the source of anonymity said, “Sher will have a good time hearing the concern people have for him but he will feel that the prank has crossed the line when Shraddha (Kirtida Mistry) will watch him and thinking that he is dead, will collapse. Sher will then get up and inform her about all of this being nothing but a joke.”

  9. I guess Sher is acting, and Mamaji is also don’t have a good intention .. He is also acting like caring. If Sher and his sister are gone everything will be his ..

  10. letvit b prank only..
    can’t bear shers death..
    its just so gud

  11. Now serial is intresting……

  12. I watch this aerial onlyyy fr sher????
    He cant died???

  13. i lv dis show …..nd sher singh acting as usual

  14. Sher can never die. He is my hero.

  15. Sher is not dead its all a drama to catch chanda

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