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Sher orders Shraddha to stay outside house until he calls her back. Rain starts and Shraddha drenches completely. Sher warns Sumer, Gajra and Sunehri not to help Shraddha, else he will punish them both. Sumer and Gajra get inside house. Sunehri cries looking at Shraddha and also gets in. Sher looks at drenching Shraddha from balcony.

Chanda wearing shawl picks umbrella silently, comes out and asks Shraddha to go inside and have something while she stands in her place. Shraddha hesitate. Chanda asks if she thinks she wants to marry Sher, she is wrong as she does not want to come in between her and Sher. Shraddha says she did not. Chanda says whatever happened today proves that she loves Thakur saheb a lot. Shraddha thanks her for understanding her. Chanda says she will get ill,

so she should get in. Shraddha says she loves Sher and will stand in rain until Sher’s heart melts. Chanda says Thakur saheb is lucky to have her. Shraddha says she purprosefully made Sher anger against her. Chanda asks why did she do that. She says she wants Sher to be happy in life.

Sher gives stick to Sumer and asks to hit him. Sumer hesitate. Sher asks him to do as he says and not inform anyone. Sumer says again he cannot hit him. Sher says if he does not, he will hit him. Sumer hits his back and he writhes in pain. Chanda comes back and hears his writhing. Sumer says he cannot. Sher asks him to continue. Sumer restarts.

Chanda peeps from window and runs to inform Bhavri. Bhavri shouts at her and asks to speak. Chanda says Sumer is beating Thakur saheb. Bhavri runs and yells at Sumer. Sher says he asked Sumer to beat him. She asks why. He says he made a mistake of loving Shraddha and accepting all her lies and misunderstanding his amma, so he should also be punished with Shraddha. She will see him being punished for the next 6 months. He falls asleep unable to bear pain. Bhavri says she knows what to do in these 6 months.

In the morning, Bhavri goes to Shraddha and says she was worried seeing Sher’s anger, but she handled it so well and lied Sher. She asks her to go Mumbai and become heroine. Sher will watch her on TV and gets irked and her revenge will be complete. She asks her not to shiver and gives her sipped tea. Shraddha says she will die but will not betray Sher. Bhavri says she will crush her with her car if she does not move. Shraddha stands silently shivering.

Aditya comes to meet Bhavri and says since she is busy breaking Sher and Shraddha’s relationship, he prepared list and shows all her properties on projector and says she is controlling more than half of Azamgarh and says according to him, she has 40 crores worth property in her and lalla’s name, but that is legal and according to him, she has 60 crores black money which he has not added in list as it does not have any evidence. He asks her to tell where she has hidden black money. Bhavri is shocked. Mama opens mouth in shock. Aditya asks if his behna did not show her total property. Bhavri asks him to stop his drama and get out with his share. He says he is a conmon who tricks people. Bhavri gets more shocked.

Precap: Bhavri says Shraddha she does not have to stay in this house for 6 months and can leave in 15 days after Sher and Chanda’s marriage.

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  1. After a long time…I am here to comment…This serial has became a joke now… Please make it worthy to watch…

  2. i think bhabari is right in her thoug
    ht. Sometime it is important to show jealouse in love.Please sharaddha do as said by bhabari upto that time sher also realise his mistake after knowing truth

  3. i think bhabari is right in her thoug
    ht beacausr Sometime it is important to show jealouse in love.Which make seriol more interasting .Please sharaddha do as said by bhabari upto that time sher also realise his mistake after knowing truth

  4. plz somebody tell me why sher is hating shradha?bcoz I hav not seen this serial from long time

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