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Bhavri fumes seeing Sher and Shraddha together and taunts Shraddha that she could not save her relationship and now is trying to lure Sher after divorce. Sher says she is thinking wrong, he took Shraddha to clinic. Bhavri asks why did he leave Chanda alone in a hotel. Sher says he sent servant, but Chanda had left by then, he will try to take care of Chanda hereon. Bhavri asks why try, when he has married Chanda, how can he ignore her. Chanda gave him 2 options of either killing her or marrying, he opted latter and married. He promised to be with her during pheras, then how can he ignore her for Shraddha. Sher asks why is she stretching issue when Chanda does not mind it. Bhavri shouts he has to fulfill his duty, she has accepted Chanda as bahu and cannot see tears in her eyes. She holds

Chanda’s hand and leaves.

Chanda cries in front of Bhavri. Bhavri says what is the use of shedding tears now, she explained her, but she did not listen to her. Chanda apologizes for not listening to her and says she cannot break promise made to thakur saheb. Bhavri says she is a cow and very innnocent, Shraddha will snatch Sher from her. Chanda asks her to leave her alone to her destiny. Mama comes and tells Bhavri they have to go to godown as license officer is coming. Bhavri leaves.

Chanda gets a panic attack and tears pillow.

In the morning, Shraddha prays at home temple. Sher watches sitting on sofa. Gajra asks Shraddha if she is fine. She says she is fine. Bhavri comes down and asks Shraddha not to walk, else Sher will blame her. Sher fumes. Bhavri shouts that Chanda is sacrificing for him, but he is stuck with his past and Shraddha is separating them. Sher says he is taking are of Shraddha for his child and Shraddha is innocent. Bhavri says she will take care of his child and he should take care of his wife. Sher says he does not trust her and says he will not apologize her seeing her deeds and says he will take care of Shraddha and child himself. He also asks Shraddha to take care of herself and be careful. Bhavri angrily leaves.

Sher slips on oil and realizes that someone dropped oil purposefully for Shraddha to slip. He calls Gajra and asks how did this oil come. she says she does not know. He says he asked her to take care of Shraddha, then how can she be so careless. He asks her to inform Sumer to find out who dropped this oil.

Shraddha goes near Sher’s room with papers, but goes back without knocking door. Chanda opens door and sees her going. Shraddha goes to her room and falls asleep while reading report. At midnight, Chanda enters and touches her stomach. Shraddha wakes up feeling her hand.

Sher asks Sumer who dropped oil. Sumer says he enquired all servants, nobody knows about it. Sher asks to find out soon. He gets call. Sumer says he has to get payment. Sher asks to go and get himself as he has to take Shraddha outside.

Shraddha tells Chanda that Sher took her to clinic. Chanda says Sher had to be with her, but he was with Shradda instead. Shraddha says she did not inform Sher. Chanda in a schizophernic tone says she has changed and wants Sher back. Shraddha asks what is she talking about. Sher comes and says Chanda he is taking her for dinner tonight. Chanda smiles and then happily tells Shraddha that thakur saheb wants to take her for dinner, she is very happy and will go and get ready. Shraddha surprisingly looks at her changed behavior.

Chanda grinds tomato in kitchen. sher enters and calls her. Tomato splashes on her face. Sher laughs loudly and goes to lawn. Vikas and Sumer ask if he remembered any joke. Sher asks to call Chanda out, she is playing holi with tomato. Chanda comes with tomato smeared face. Everyone start laughing. Chanda gets happy seeing Sher laughing. Vikas starts joking with her. Sher asks not to joke with his wife and tells Chanda to get ready well for dinner. He is going out on some work but has arranged her a car.

Shraddha reminisces Chanda’s changed tone and thinks how can Chanda change suddenly.

Precap: Chanda looks at Sher’s pic and tells nobody can come between then now. Shraddha watches her changed tone hiding near door. Chanda sees her watching.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I justtt.hate u Chanda…….

    1. I know right!!! Chanda always talks about that nobody should be forced into a relationship but during the marriage of Sher and Chanda she says that if Sher doesn’t marry her she will commit suicide then she sorta forced Sher into the relationship because he didn’t want to ruin someone else’s life like he did to Shraddha. Anyway loving Piya Rangrezz and hopefully during the 9 months of pregnancy of Shraddha, Sher will hopefully fall in love again and that BD doesn’t come in between.

  2. Sher married a crazy woman. Haha ha

  3. I sincerely don’t know how the story will end, does it hv a happy ending or Shraddha’s baby is taken n she gets kicked out or she runs away with the baby. Let’s wait and see each episode that shows a new twist to the story except where Shraddha is concerned. Nothing new for her and as usual BD gets her way.

  4. Hi guys plz read the update of piya rangrezz twisty …. Every1 is loving it….its my ff…hope u will like it

  5. I used to love this serial but ever since that madam has come, chanda I started to hate this serial. I used to wait for each day to watch this. I hate it how sher and shradda got separated by the two witch. And shradda all you see her is blo*dy crying and being scared , for god sake women wake up and face the reality. Everything is slipping from your hand, bring out the truth to sher I’m sure he will understand you.

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