Piya Rangrezz 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Aradhya tells Veer that he is educated and should not come in fake baba’s trap. Baba says she is fool to think like that, maa jigatsa is ver powerful and can make anyone king from beggar. Aradhya asks then why did not he become king, people like him run away from responsibilties and fool people. Baba asks Veer to get her bathed and pour more water on her head to calm her anger and get her ready like bride for sacrifice. Aradhya says Veer he cannot do this. Veer pulls her hair.

Shamsher reminisces Bhavri’s words to call back Arjun and Veer words that he will kidnap his wife in front of him and then kill him and Bhavri. He calls his gunmen and asks if they found Veer. Goons tell whole incident happened. Shamsher asks them to find out Veer soon. He then calls Arjun and asks

if he found Veer. Arjun asks why is he worried for Aradhya. Shamsher says Veer wants to kill Aji amma, so he wants him to catch Veer soon. He then thinks Aradhya brings him trouble always. Mama hears his conversation silently.

Veer tortures Aradhya. He shows taweez and asks if she is thinking how did he get 2 taweez and says he go 1 for his mom and 1 for him. She realizes that he wanted to kidnap her since a long time. He shouts her mom came to free her from her sorrows, but because of her, mom was burnt alive. He confesses that Tilkraj did not die from Arjun’s bullet as he was wearing bullet proof jacket. Aradhya asks who killed her dad then. He says he killed Tilakraj from his own hands. Aradhya angrily tries to slap him, but he holds her and says he did not like Tilakraj chanding for Aradhya and wanting her to marry Arjun. He will never like Bhavri’s family live peacefully and wants them to die, Tilakraj was interfering, so he had to kill Tilakraj. He says now he will free her from her sorrows by sacrificing her to maa jigitsa.

Shamsher thinks because of Aradhya, Veer betrayed him. He tries to call Arjun. Mama says he is going to bring Munmun’s medicine, if he will accompany. Shamsher says no. Mama silently leaves.

Arjun continues searching Veer and asks people if they know a place where sacrifice is done. People say no. An old lady shows a man’s hut and says he sells drugs to baba and must be knowing. Arjun calls Shamsher and says he found a man who knows where Veer is.

Veer takes back Aradhya to sadhu. Sadhu asks why did not he bathe woman, if he does not, he will not get his desired wish. Veer throws Aradhya on floor, throws water on her and says let us dorn her clothes now. Aradhya tries to hide her modesty.

Arjun and Veer catch man and ask him to tell where sacrifice is done. Goon tells baba’s address. Arjun says Shamsher he will also acompany him.

Mama comes back and asks Munmun where is jiji/Bhavri. Munmun says she left her alone and acts as caring. Mama says they have befriend with Veer and kill Aradhya and Shamsher.

Arjun and Shamsher walk into jungle and find torch far away, think this must be the place. Veer throws sari on Aradhya and asks her to wear it. She says she will not. He says she should wear it as he wants to his wish fulfilled so that he can kill Bhavri and her family. She asks why is he doing it. Shamsher and Arjun come and shoots Veer’s goons. Veer asks goons to kill whoever they are. Goons fight with them first and then run back and inform that Arjun and Shamsher are coming with guns. They both come. Veer points knife on Aradhya’s neck. Shamsher says he is doing a mistake. Shamsher says he is doing a mistake and will die. They both beat goons and then Veer. One of them gets gun back and points at Shamsher. Veer smirks.

Precap: Veer asks Aradhya to keep her head on wood for sacrifice. She pleads and he raises sword to sacrifice. Arjun cuts his rope with broken bottle.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Lifñâ ñàväZ

    NOt Arjun.. samsher cuts his rope with broken bottle……
    small mistak…

  2. I don’t like shamsher and arafhya having a love story I like Arjuna and arafhya this show is losing charm sorry to say but the leap was not good I miss sharaddha Vikas Sumer gajra and sunheri sorry to say but this is Sh•t

  3. Fantastic episode
    Excited for next episode ?
    Piya rangrezz getting interesting day by day.
    I am so happy because soon veer & shanda characters are gonna end.?

  4. I think shamsher fell in love with aaradhya

  5. I think samsher fall in arradha love.I like arradha and shamsher

  6. Kirtida come back again

  7. Without kirtida flop serial
    Tell me somebody come back again in piya rangrezz

  8. Finally the show is getting interesting again,today’s episode was nice

  9. plz kirdita come back!!!!!!
    missing the SHERDHA JODI alot 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  10. I want this Shamsher/Aaradhya track to end. We modern women appreciate being treated like human beings, not pawns, thank you very much. Aaradhya is a doctor, let’s see her bravery against this whole family.

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