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Pandey insists to check Sher’s home godown. Sher gets tensed. Pandey says if he thinks he can frighten people and rule over them, he is wrong as he is old player of this game. He says he should give his life now. Sher thinks he wants to see who is behind Pandey.

Vikas calls someone and asks him to do as he says. Sumer hears his conversation and asks whom he is talking to. He says Sunehri. Shraddha calls Sumer, informs him about the problem, and ask him to rush home and remove liquor boxes from godown.

Sher thinks he should keep his partners busy until Shraddha reaches home and clears liquor boxes. He starts laughing. Rani asks why is he laughing. He Pandey is fooling her by sending them to his godown and will clear liquor boxes from his godown by then. He asks who will

leave contractor’s family alive to give evidence against them. Pandey calls Rani to come soon. Rani says they should check his godown first. Pandey says Sher is fooling her. Sher says if he thinks so, then they should go and check his gown first. Rani says they will check Pandey’s godown first.

Bhavri tells maama that she cannot take a chance with Sher’s life, so she will go and stop Pandey and Rani. He asks if she forgot that sher will know her secret. She asks him to go with Vikas and control issues. Vikas says he will go alone and leaves.

Pandey takes Sher and others to his godown and says if they find even a drop of liquor in his godown, they can shoot him. Sher starts acting and says his godown is stinking. He checks wall and tells him an old storys . Pandey says Rani that he is fooling us. Rani says she trusts Sher and says we will check his godown though. Sher says if they don’t find liquor in his godown, they will check Pandey’s house then. Pandey agrees and leaves towards Sher’s house.

Sher starts luring Rani with his romantic talks to stop her from going. She gets intimate with him. Pandey says she is going mad for a traitor. She leaves with him.

Shraddha reaches gown with Sumer, Vikas, Sunehri and Gajra and starts lifting boxes herself. Sumer says he will. She says before Rani and her puppets come, they will have to clear boxes from here and asks everyone to help, but they stand silently. Sunehri says they cannot remove so many boxes in such a short span and have to think something else. She says she cannot see Sher in trouble until she is alive.

Sher reaches his house with Rani and puppets. Rani asks him not to enter his godown as Pandey will shoot him if liquor boxes are found and nobody can save him except her. She will give him one more chance if she accepts his mistake and agree to spend a night with her. Pandey gets irked and asks to stop her drama and get back to work. She shouts that nobody should interfere when she talks. She sees Sher silent and says if she should think he accepted her offer. He smiles and walks towards godown.

Bhavri gets ready and tries to leave from hospital. Maama tries to stop her and asks where is she going. She says to stop Prabal Pandey and Rani who have reached her house. Maama asks what if Sher will know about her plan. She says let Sher not talk to her whole life, but she cannot see his life at risk. She leaves and he laughs and prays for Sher and Bhavri’s peaceful death.

Pandey provokes Rani that Sher left in front of her. She says nobody can stop her and once she gets liquor from godown, she will shoot Sher.

Precap: Rani is about to shoot Shraddha when Sher stops her, snatches gun from her and points it at her.

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