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Bhavri’s birthday party starts. She greets guests and they all hand over their gifts. A minister enters and greets her happy birthday. He asks till now she did not arrange dance in her birthday party, the reason behind it. Maama asks him to enjoy alcohol and stop pestering jiji. Minister asks mama to show Bhavri’s new partner. Aditya comes wearing same dress as waiters. Inebriated Bhavri says he is looking like a waiter. He says he bought blazer worth 5000 pounds. Bhavri says even then he is looking like waiter. He says nobody will dare to call him waiter as he is with her.

Sher’s manager informs if they don’t get cement, they will incur huge losses. Sher asks him to buy cement from outside state. Manager says it is a rainy season and if water falls on cement,

it will harden like a stone, so it is better for him to accept his defeat against Aditya and shake hands with him. Sher says he will not. Manager says he is telling this with his experience. Sher says he will not even then.

Aditya gives scotch glass to Bhavri and says he can read her face. She says nobody could till now. Vikas pours cool drinks in his scotch glass and he scolds Vikas. vikas tastes scotch and says it is tasting really good.

Sher comes home tired and leans on his bed. Shraddha massages his head. He wakes up and asks what is she doing. She says when her dad used to come home tired, she used to massage his head. He gets up and says he needs 5 lakhs badly. Shraddha says every problem has a solution. He says he needs 5 lakhs at any cost and will not budge in front of his enemies. Shraddha reminds him of amma’s birthday and asks him to forget everything and attend party as amma will be waiting for him.

Aditya gathers all guests and asks Bhavri to cut the cake. bhavri waits for Sher, but he does nto come. She cuts cake and everyone claps. Vikas asks his goons to shoot in air and they do. A lady starts dancing sensuously on Chod chaad ke apne saleem ki gali.anarkali disco chali..song..

Sher reaches party venue, but guards stop him and says it is Aditya’s private party and he cannot enter. She angrily says he does not know who he is, calms down looking at Shraddha and says he is Sher singh and she is his wife. Guard checks guest list and says his name is not in list. Guard informs Bhavri and she orders gaurd to let Sher wait. Sher tries to enter, but guards stops him and says Bhavri asked him to wait. Sher gets angry, but Shraddha stops him and says let us wait. Sher sadly sits on bench. Shraddha holds his hand and and consoles him. Rain starts. Shraddha asks him to come under a tree. He says he will not and says it will be difficult for him to go near party venue again and orders her go. She runs and stands under tree, but Sher continues drenching in rain.

Bhavri’s dance party continues.. Mama sees Sher outside drenching in rain and takes him and Shraddha in. Bhavri thanks all her guest for attending her party and everyone start leavening. Maama says bhavri that they were drenching in rain. Bhavri ignores them and taunts that Sher wants to feel rain alone, so he was standing out. Shraddha touches her feet and wishes her happy birthday. Bhavri ignores her. Maama asks Sher to have a drink. Sher says it is ok. Maama says it is jiji’s birthday and he can have 1 drink at least.
Precap: Shraddha hands over her jewelry to Aditya. Aditya taunts Sher that he is sparing him last time due to his wife.

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