Piya Rangrezz 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Shamsher calls his guards and orders them what to do. Veer comes and says he heard about aji amma, how is she now. Shamsher says she is fine and asks him to kidnap Tilakraj before Arjun reaches there and later he will throw him in front of Arjun to die. He will see how Aradhya feels. Veer thinks Shamsher is planning something big and it will create enemity between Arjun and Shamsher, but he will benefit most. Shamsher asks guards to call TV reporters for live telecast of event.

Veer’s men kidnap Tilakraj. Arjun reaches Tilakraj’s home with gun and shouts his name in whole house, but does not find him. He calls Shamsher and says Tilakraj escaped. Shamsher asks him to wait there until he finds where Tilakraj is. Aradhya reaches there and runs towards Bhavri’s

room calling her aji amma. Shamsher holds her hand and drags her into car, breaks her mobile and leaves in car. He reaches temple with guards all around. Aradhya is brought blindfolded. Shamsher enters in groom’s attire and frees Aradhya’s hands and removes blind fold. She is shocked to see him in groom’s attire and pandit with havan and asks what is all this. He says he is marrying her and warns her to marry him. She says she will not. He shows video footage of Tilkraj captured by his men and asks if she will not marry him, she will lose her father. She tries to run, but guards stop her. Shamsher forcefully marries her with live telecast on TV channel. Tilakraj helplessly watches TV. Shamsher reaches venue and holds gun on Tilakraj. ARadhya watches it on live camera and stands in a shock. Tilakraj signals Arjun at TV, but he does not look and thinks Tilakraj shot his aji amm and he will kill Tilakraj today. Aradhya stands in a shock while Shamsher dorns her mangalsutra and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Arjun shoots Tilakraj repeatedly shouting if he will shoot his aji amma. Aradhya stands in a shock crying seeing Arjun killing Tilakraj. Arjun addresses viewers on camera to watch his suhagraat in some time.

Just when Arjunis about to kill Tilakraj, Veer takes gun from him and asks to go from there. Arjun says he shot Tilakraj. Veer says he did not do anything and orders guards to take him from there. He then smirks.

Shamsher drags Aradhya to a room and says it is our suhagraat today. He locks room from inside, looks at camera, and removes his clothes. Aradhya shouts to stay away and pleads to let her go. Shamsher says goodbye to viewers and stops camera. Viewers get disappointed.

Veer laughs on Tilakraj and says may his soul rest in peace. He says it is sad to see that he died because of 2 brothers. Tilakraj wakes up. Veer asks he got saved, removes his coat and sees bullet proof jacket. Tilakraj says he wants to meet Arjun at any cost.

Aradhya pleads Shamsher to let her go and stay away from her. He says if she thought he is pitty on her or is interested in her, then she is wrong. He will leave her and she will live her whole life being called a divorced woman. He asks her to go to farm house and see her father dying.

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Precap: Veer kills Tilakraj and escapes. Aradhya sees her father dead on floor and says she will not spare Arjun.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Speechless kya drama h!kuch bhi dikha dete h.koi to band karao CVS ki is dabangiri kk.totally bullshit.

  2. Today episode was nice ?
    Today what a fantastic acting of shamshare we saw
    He is so cute ?
    He is such a nice, fantastic actor ?

  3. no ways how can he make arjun evil in aradhya’s eyes??how can he separate two lovers??how can he spoil a girl’s respect??how can he marry aradhya?????????????oh kirtida plzzzzzzz come back fast…….though his acting was awesome today but arajun???????

  4. GOD THIS IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!!!! the thing which i never wanted it actually happened nooooooo want kirtida. please please kirtida come back……we r really missing u now
    shamsher should not have married aradhya 🙁
    now i hav stopped watching the serial.

  5. Forced marriage ka live telecast ur fir live wedding night.rule n regulation naam ka kuch h bhi h ya nhi.n angel agree with you.

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