Piya Rangrezz 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Shamsher continues following Aradhya and she continues running.

Munmun lashes Tilakraj’s men with hunter.. Bhavri with mama enjoys and asks manager if he will inform what she said or not. He says he will. She says his phone will ring in some time. Tilakraj nervously waits for his manager’s call yelling at Bhavri and calls him. Manager scolds Tilakraj and says Bhavri will kill him. Tilakraj yells. Bhavri takes mobile and says his men have shit in their pants. Tilakraj says he did not send anyone. Bhavri says he should have sent then, she has arranged his murder well now.

Aradhya runs in jungle shouting for help. Arjun holds her hand. She says let us go before Shamsher comes. He says he cannot let her go and will take her to haveli. Shamsher comes laughing

and says he told her bhai wears goodness mask when he is bad as him, he will never let Bhavri’s dignity at stake. Arjun says Aradhya she has to go to haveli either with bhai or him. She gets into car. He says shamsher that he will send another car and leaves. Cousin taunts Shamsher that girl left with his brother ignoring him. Shamsher warns not to create rift between brothers.

Servant gives mop and broom to Tilakraj’s goons. Munmun orders them to clean house daily morning. Manager asks every morning. Bhavri says if they want they can clean in the evening also as she likes house clean. Mama comes and informs that Arjun is bringing laundya/girl. Bhavri says even a good man of her house can do anything for her.

Arjun while driving car tells Aradhya that his dad did wrong by sending goons to kill aji amma, now even he cannot spare her. Their verbal spat starts. He says go to hell.

Tilakraj smiles sitting on his chair. His sister asks why is he smiling when his team is captured by Bhavri. He asks her to look at front. She gets afraid seeing tigers’ pics. He says even tigers have one weakness. She asks children. He says Bhavri’s weakness is her grandsons, especially Shamsher. Sister says now she understood his plan. He laughs.

Bhavri sees Aradhya coming with Arjun and says maharani came and asks Munmun to bring aarti thali. Munmun hands over thali. bhavri removes cloth over it and shows bomb and gun and says if she tries to escape again, she will shoot her and then burst her with bomb. Aradhya stares at her. Bhavri shouts to lower her eyes. Aradhya says she does not have fear in her eyes because of Shamsher’s heinous act. Arjun asks what did bhai do. Aradhya says he tried to molest her seeing her alone. Arjun is shocked. Aradhya says she is telling truth and he should be happy that he is molester’s brother. She taunts Bhavri that she gave wrong upbringing to her grandsons and she should see her grandson’s lust before seeing her fear.

Precap: Arjun and Shamsher fight over Aradhya’s lies.

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