Piya Rangrezz 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhavri devi asks her brother to crush Shraddha under their vehicle. He shockingly asks what is she telling. She says if he does not crush her, she will kill him. He rushes vehicle and is about to crush her when a man rescues her. Bhavri angrily leaves.

Shraddha reaches her home and sees a lot of people at her home. Neighbor tells her dad Masterji that Bhavri Devi is a very dangerous woman and after getting insulted, she will not keep quiet. Dad asks him not to frighten him. Mom says it is good they spared them. Another man says his daughter is young, so he should be careful.

Sher Singh reaches a countryside wrestling gym and asks the most cruel wrestler to hit him. He hesitates and asks if he made any mistake. Sher Singh says if he does not, he will kill them all. Wrestler

starts hitting him. Wrestler beats him ruthlessly. Sher Singh reminisces Shraddha’s rejection and thinks she is only his and no pain in the world is severe than rejection pain. He then goes home and drinks alcohol reminiscing same when Bhavri comes with her nephews and stops him. Cousin gets angry seeing his wounds and says whole zilla does not have courage to touch him and asks who touched him, he will cut him into pieces. Bhavri says nobody has guts to touch him unless he himself asks and says she does not stand in election in fear of losing, but every MLA comes and touches her feet. Because of him, she is feeling ashamed and people will bully her. He asks not to force Shraddha. She says people will laugh at her that a cheap master’s daughter rejected his son. He asks her not to tell anything to Shraddha and walks from there with wobbling gait. Bhavri angrily gulps whole alcohol bottle and says because of that cheap girl, her son is suffering, now Shraddha will have to pay for her insult.

Shraddha wakes up in the morning and goes out calling her mom’s name, but sees all the furniture broken and house empty. She searches each room but does not find her family. She sits worriedly on terrace. She gets Bhavri’s call who tells she kidnapped her family and if she does not come getting ready like her son wanted her to see on the same place where her son wanted to see her, she should send people to take her family’s dead body. She asks her again to get readdy and come, else she will be finished with her family She runs and wears Sher singh’s gifted clothes and jewelry and reaches Bhavri’s house. Bhavri says she is golden sparrow and says she came 2 min late, but she forgives him. She allows him to meet her family. She starts crying and asks if they are fine. Bhavri says they are under her protection and nothing will happen to them. She prepared snacks for them, but they don’t want to. She wants to slap them, but Sher does not want to trouble them. She says now it is issue of her dignity, now only sher will dorn her nose ring and will also remove it.

Bhavri asks Vikas to read wedding invitation. He announces 3 days of marriage and Bhavri tells dad that she does not want any mistake in her son’s marriage and asks Shraddha to inform good news to sher. Cousin describes a film sequence where heroine rejects hero and makes him sad and then agrees and makes him happy. Bhavri asks shradda not to tell about her parent’s kidnap to Sher singh, else she will mix poison in their food. Daadi starts crying and says she wants to see her marriage before she dies. Cousin asks her to stop her acting. Mama forces Shraddha to call Sher. He picks call, but she does not utter anything.

Precap: Shraddha tells Sher that she wants to marry him. He asks if her heart is telling this or his mom’s warning. She says it is her decision.

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