Piya Rangrezz 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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Sher drops his gun and walks towards Shraddha and asks what did she say. Shraddha says whatever he heard and says she lied about ammaji. Mama tells Bhavri that laundiya took an U turn. Bhavri says it is her effort to save her husband, but whatever she tries, Sher will not spare her now. Mama praises her brain. Bhavri asks to keep quiet and watch drama.

Sher says Shraddha because of her lie, he doubted amma and threatened to kill himself and asks why did she do that. Shraddha says he and ammaji made her life hell and she tolerate silently. She says from the day she shot him, she felt very guilty, so she planned to take revenge from him and amma and get away from him, she is tired of his world and if he keeps her forcefully here, she will die soon, so she requests him to let her go

and live a free life. She folds her hands and requests him to marry and move ahead in life. Sher says he will not let her free easily from his house and his life and she will have to go this torture for 6 months. In these 6 months, she will know how it is to betray him. He loved her truly and was very loyal, but she gave him this reward. She made him a sinner going against amma. Now, her tears are her friends now and will be with her forever. Bhavri and mama smirk.

Sher asks Gajra to take Shraddha to guest room and take good care of her and not let anyone trouble her as only he has right to trouble her. Gajra obeys and takes Shraddha from there. Bhavri starts her drama again, drops her gun and walks towards her room crying. Everyone leaves leaving Sher alone.

Gajra brings Shraddha to guest house. Shraddha cries stting on bed and asks Gajra to leave her alone for some time. Gajra leaves. Shraddha apologizes Sher for lying and thinks he should move ahead in life and remarry. Paas aaye duriyaa….hamari adhuri kahani….song…plays in the background. She holds hher mouth and cries vigorously. Sher walks towards Bhavri’s room reminiscing Shraddha’s words.

Sher enters Bhavri’s room, apologizes her and asks her to beat him. Bhavri says a woman broughts up her son with great difficulty, but Shraddha wanted to snatch her son from her, she should have died before seeing this. She says Shradda ji will be punished. Bhavri says he is respecting Shraddha so much. Sher promises to punish Shraddha. Bhavri says he is very innocent and cannot see Shraddha in pain. Aditya watches drama standing near door and smiles. Sher says he will punish Shraddha from today itself and she will cry.

Sher angrily walks towards Shraddha’s room and asks her to open door. She opens door.

Aditya enters Bhavri’s room and says she trapped her bahu so well that she is held guilty to save her husband’s life and her lalla has become her puppet again. She is awsome. Bhavri says if he has understood, then he should get out of her life as she is very happy now except his interference. He smilingly sits on rocking chair and says he has applied sindhoor on her forehead and will not leave her easily. He wants her to settle his dues soon and reach his said spot, else she knows with all thise events video’s impact will be much more and if he shows video to Sher, instead of Shraddha, she will face punishment. Vikas tries to confront him, but bhavri stops him and says we have to concentrate on Shraddha first and then see Aditya.

Sher drags Shraddha out of house and asks her to stay there until he says and it is her punishment. If she does not oblige, he will point gun on her mother. Shraddha helplessly stands.

Precap: Shraddha stands in rain. Sher forces Sumer to hit him with wooden stick and he obliges hesitantly.

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