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Aradhya hangs Shamsher’s clothes as curtains. Shamsher comes out of washroom and asks if she knows why husband and wife draw curtains. Veer had promised to kill her on holi day and today is holi, so she will die. He is warning her as a husband. Munmun get
tensed that 12 p.m. is nearing and she has to act as having stomachache. Veer enters with musicians. Shamsher wishes Aradhya happy holi and goes out.

Veer with holi smeared on his face goes out and tells musicians that they are not celebrating holi today. One of them says they know and just came to wish him. Veer hugs everyone and wishes happy holi. He then goes to Veer and hugs him. Veer asks if they can go in and takes Thakurayan’s blessings. Shamsher permits.

Veer goes in with his team. He

knocks Aradhya’s door. Aradhya opens door. He asks if she identified him, says Chanda prasanda, and force smells her chloroform. She falls unconscious. Munmun starts acting has having severe stomacache. Whole family rushes to her room. Bhavri asks what did she eat and asks servant to call doc. Servant says he will call choti bahurani as she is doc. He goes to Aradhya’s room, but Veer hides her behind door. Mama asks Bhavri to call ambulance. Shamsher comes calling Aradhya, but Veer hides Aradhya in bathroom. Veer sees broken bangles, but ignores and goes back.

Ambulance comes. Whole family goes to bring Munmun. Veer brings Aradhya. Servant asks where is he taking bahu rani. Veer says she is ill, so he is taking her to ambulance. He then drops her in ambulance and forces driver to leave on gun point. Shamsher brings Munmun and asks servant why is ambulance speeding. Servant says someone took choti bahu rani for treatment after she fell unconscious. Shamsher reminisces Veer’s words and says Veer kidnapped Aradhya. Arjun rushes in his bike. Mama asks Shamsher to take Munmun to hospital first. Shamsher asks his goons to go behind ambulance and takes Munmun to hospital on his jeep.

Veer looks at unconscious Aradhya and shouts that he is taking away Bhavri’s dignity, now he wil take his mother’s revenge. Driver panics. Veer says if he does not listen to him, he will shoot him. He sees Arjun following and shoots. Arjun escapes. Veer orders driver to speed up and shoots again, but Arjun escapes. He then shoots gunmen’s bike and they hit tree and halt. Bullets get over, but Veer continues fightening driver. Arjun says Veer that he is doing mistake and will repent. Veer throws saline bottle and Arjun stops. Veer asks driver to overtake truck and vanishes. Arjun comes to a junction and does not find ambulance. Veer sends driver out and drives ambulance himself.

Shamsher takes Munmun and Mama to hospital. Doc treats her. Mama asks Munmun if she is fine now. Munmun says yes. Mama thanks doc. Doc says he did not do anything, all her tests are also find. Mama says he will inform Bhavri. Shamsher says now that Munmun is fine, he will go to find out Aradhya. Bhavri enters and says no need to go anywhere. Shamsher says Aradhya, veer. She says Veer will come back to finish his enemity and asks him to call back Arjun. Shamsher picks phone to call Arjun.

Veer takes Aradhya to aghori sadhus. Sadhu asks if Aradhya is new bride. Veer says yes. Sadhu says Aradhya cannot escape now and if she tries, his god will stop her. He gives sari to Veer and asks him to get Aradhya by 8 p.m. for sacrifice, and after sacrifice, Veer’s wishes will be fulfilled. Aradhya looks at Veer in a shock.

Precap: Veer slaps Aradhya for calling him mentally disturbed and says his brain is making Bhavri and her family dance and reveals that he killed Tilakraj and not Arjun.

Update Credit to: MA

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